Dash Dolls, Malika and Khadijah Haqq

Q & A with the Haqq sisters, DASH employees.

Are you ready for DASH Dolls on E! Entertainment (124) on Sunday 25 October at 20:00? If not, get yourself prepared for some drama, giggles and all-round fun! Become the fly on the wall as the employees of the Kardashian shop, DASH, go about their jobs and glamorous everyday lives.

We caught up with fashionista twins and overseers of DASH store Malika and Khadijah Haqq and this is what they had to say about the upcoming show:


What can we expect from DASH Dolls?

It’s a high energy boutique. It is a bit like Disneyland but on a regular street with plenty of tourists and paparazzi around! You never know what will happen next and there’s never a dull moment.


What does it mean to be a DASH Doll?

Stylish, independent and hardworking.


Tell us about the vibe in the boutique?

It’s a bit like a sorority house. There’s plenty of drama but lots of fun!


What is the latest fashion trend on your selves at the moment?

We are coming into the Fall season and my favourite items are the coats, long sleeve dresses and booties.


Are you involved with deciding what goes into the store?

That is up to the Kardashian sisters – they do all the buying. They take our opinions into account, and what’s loved by the majority, but ultimately they make the decisions.


Tell us about the social side of promoting the brand?

We put together in-store events for other brands and charities - contributing to our community is important to DASH.


We should tune into DASH Dolls because:

It’s a really fun show to watch. Although there’s plenty of drama, there’s always a happy ending!


You heard it folks, get yourself in front of that telly for DASH Dolls on E! when it premieres on Sunday 25 October at 20:00.