The cast of I am Frankie.

Androids, action and fun - don't miss the premiere of Nickelodeon's I am Frankie.

Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) has a brand new show you won’t want to miss: I Am Frankie. Love all things high-tech and AI? Then stick around to find out more about Frankie and her friends.

I am Frankie sees Frankie Gaines go through life as a normal teenager. From fun and friends to drama and high school, it’s all a regular day for Frankie and those around her. Except… she’s a robot! She needs to keep her cutting-edge android-self a secret otherwise she’d have to deal with the evil tech company EGG Labs - as well as everyone else.

Luckily for Frankie, she has Sigourney Gaines – her creator and ‘mother’ – in her life who pretends that Frankie is her real human daughter. Life isn’t easy for Frankie juggling evading EGG Labs and fitting in at school, but it’s all in a day’s work for the super cool android.

WATCH: I am Frankie on Monday 6 November at 20:00 on Nickelodeon (305) and streaming live on DStv Now.

It’s time to meet the cast of I am Frankie:


The title character, Frankie is totally literal and to the point. Life as a teenager is hard, but life as an android teenager is even harder. Watch as she navigates life and try to keep being an AI a secret as well as evading the evil EGG Lab. Frankie is played by Alex Hook.



BFFs with Frankie, is both intelligent and happy-go-lucky – but don’t get that confused, she can still be cautious and level-headed. It’s her mission to help Frankie out with being the most realistic human she can be and keeping her bestie’s android status a secret is top priority. Dayton is portrayed by Nicole Alyse Nelson.



Dayton’s older brother Cole is the star of Sepulveda High School – not only is he charming and good looking but quite talented too. He’s not one to have an eye for detail, so tends to overlook Frankie’s android behaviours. Cole is played by Carson Rowland.



Popular, clever and competitive – Tammy is the full package of smarts. The moment Frankie steps foot into their high school, Tammy can’t help but be threatened by Frankie’s quick smarts. Tammy is portrayed by Mohana Krishnan.


The bad boy of the group who might just rival Frankie when it comes to cool-factor. Frankie and Andrew often don’t see eye-to-eye, but could there be more there? Andrew is played by Kyson Facer.

Don't miss the premiere of I am Frankie on Monday 6 November at 20:00 on Nickelodeon (305) and streaming live on DStv Now.