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Who will be in ITV Choice's new show?

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! is about to reach screens across Africa as a cast of celebrities head down under and battle it out in TV’s toughest challenge. We’ll be able to catch it daily, starting Tuesday 17 November at 21:00 on ITV Choice (123).

Leaving their plush pads and luxuries far behind, our celebrity campers will spend up to three weeks taking on the harsh surroundings of the Australian jungle, with a whole host of new nasty surprises created just for them.

How will this year’s celebrities cope with being away from their loved ones; sleeping in the wild; lack of food; sharing a camp with snakes, rats and creepy crawlies; and, perhaps worst of all, adapting to spending 24 hours a day with their campmates?

Ant and Dec will return as the show’s hosts, giving us all the gossip from the jungle and overseeing those infamous Bushtucker Trials.


Who will our camping celebs be?


Duncan Bannatyne OBE

Age: 66

Phobias: None. In my own head, I think I can do all the challenges – which is probably wrong!

Role in the camp: Master of all trades: Cooking, cleaning, washing-up. You name it, I will do it.

Miss most: Comfy bed and my girlfriend.

Relationship status: Dating Nigora Whitehorn.


Lady Colin Campbell

Age: 66

Phobias: None but equally I don’t think I am that brave.

Role in the camp: I am not sure yet as I don’t know who is going to be in there Miss most: My children, dogs, cats and my life.

Relationship status: Single


Tony Hadley

Age: 55

Phobias: I don’t like cockroaches.

Role in the camp: The shoulder to cry on.

Miss most: My wife and kids. My two youngest are only eight and three and a half.

Relationship status: Married


Yvette Fielding

Age: 47

Phobias: I am terrified of anything that moves!

Role in the camp: To lift everyone’s spirits. I definitely won’t be the chef because, as everyone has seen on MasterChef, I can’t cook.

Miss most: My family, dogs and Most Haunted team.

Relationship status: Married


Chris Eubank

Age: 49

Phobias: I don’t like heights but I am not sure what other fears I have. But it’s good to be scared.

Role in the camp: The truth is I don’t know because I am going in to have fun.

Miss most: I won’t have time to miss anything.

Relationship status: Married


Susannah Constantine

Age: 53

Phobias: Massive fear of heights. It’s plagued me throughout my life.

Role in the camp: Definitely the mum.

Miss most: Aside from my family, my phone and my tweezers. I’ve got little whiskers that grow out!

Relationship status: Married


Brian Friedman

Age: 38

Phobias: I am generally fearful of things normal people are fearful of. Nobody wants to do gross things but I am trying to get my head around it.

Role in the camp: Chef, cleaner

Miss most: My fiancé, followed by my family and then luxuries.

Relationship status: Engaged


Jorgie Porter

Age: 27

Phobias: Spiders

Role in the camp: I’d love to create a girl squad in camp.

Miss most: Chocolate, brownies, outfits, high-heel shoes, bed, phone.

Relationship status: Single


Kieron Dyer

Age: 36

Phobias: I don’t like spiders or snakes but there is no way I am going to look a wuss on the trials!

Role in the camp: Definitely not the chef! I’d like to provide banter to keep us all amused.

Miss most: Aside from my wife and kids, my mobile phone and not being able to have any control over decisions I make.

Relationship status: Married


George Shelley

Age: 22

Phobias: I am scared of moths!

Role in the camp: Jack of all trades – chef, cleaner, entertainer, shoulder to cry on.

Miss most: My bed, home comforts and my mum.

Relationship status: Single



I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! airs daily from Tuesday 17 November at 21:00 on ITV Choice (123).