Meet the cast of Blood Drive before season 1 heads to M-Net City and DStv Now.

Love dystopian dreams? Well, add Blood Drive to your must-watch list. Set in a dystopian era "distant future" of 1999, the series sees a former cop take part in a death race run by cars... fuelled by human blood. Intrigued? Watch the premiere of Blood Drive on Sunday 18 March at 22:00 on M-Net City and streaming online on DStv Now

You may recognise some of the familiar faces from Blood Drive, while we help you spot the South African actors in the cast too. Let's give you a quick rundown on the who's who of the cast in this brand new series to M-Net City. 

Alan Ritchson as Arthur Baile

Taking on the role of the former cop, Alan Ritchson is a face you'll remember well from his time as Aquaman on Smallville to his portral of Thad Castle in Blue Mountain State. For the younger action audience, they'd probbaly know him as Raphael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot film franchise. Basically, he's all levels of cool and you won't want to miss seeing him in Blood Drive. 


Christina Ochoa as Grace D'Argent

Her film credentials may not be as vast as her co-stars, but what Christina Ochoa has achieved in the last several years is more than enough for us to cheer her on. We loved Animal Kingdom, a series she had a recurring role on and Valor has been a hit where she sees herself take on the main role. Now we can see her as Grace - a femme fatale with her own hidden agenda we'll soon discover. 


Spot the South Africans

We bet you didn't expect to see some well-known South African actors thrown into the casting mix. You can see Sean Cameron Michael and Brandon Auret join in recurring roles as Old Man Heart and Rib Bone respectively. We all remember Auret during his time on Isidingo and Michael has a long list of credits including the hit series Black Sails. South Africans making us proud!

Watch the premiere of Blood Drive on Sunday 18 March at 22:00 on M-Net City and streaming online on DStv Now