An image of Pop Up Party winner Dineo Moerane

Soweto's 12-year old Dineo Moerane had the best moves and came out tops in Cartoon Network’s locally produced series Pop Up Party viewer competition.

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Pop up Party, which was aimed at entertaining audiences on the African continent with Cartoon Network’s signature innovative and creative show-stopping fun, was showcased from July. 

“I am so excited and thankful for this awesome opportunity that Cartoon Network has given me to be on television. Dancing is my passion and I have big dreams of becoming a professional dancer when I grow up.  Hopefully this can bring me one step closer to my dream!” says Dineo Moerane.

The show followed a young crew of local dancers as they popped up and infiltrated unexpected locations to create a vibrant, unique and fun Pop Up Party. Everything in the secret location seemed normal … until the music began and the magic took over. Everyone became part of the fun and afterwards the party was done and the dance crew walked off like nothing had happened!

Viewers were challenged to submit their best dance video using one of the songs from the Pop Up Party soundtrack, as well as the dance tutorials on the Pop Up Party website. 

Fans were then encouraged to submit their own dance video directly on the Pop Up Party website, for the chance to be featured on Cartoon Network and win R5 000! 

Dineo did just that, and it is no surprise that she was chosen as the winner out of thousands of entries and she will now get some screen time, across Africa, exclusively on Cartoon Network this summer!

“This is the first time that Cartoon Network has teamed up with an African production company to produce original and exclusive content for its African audiences and looking back at all the entries that we received, it is clear that our audiences had some fun with the show. Dineo’s entry was full of local flavour and the judges were amazed by her original dance moves, but one thing that stood out was the Cartoon Network original spirit in her dance routine and that is why she was crowned the winner,” says Pierre Branco, VP and Managing Director of Turner Africa.

With lots of excitement ahead of some more Cartoon Network competitions this summer, fans can keep an eye on the television to catch Dineo’s winning entry in November on Cartoon Network (301). 

If for some reason you can’t get to see it on the television, then pop onto YouTube to catch Dineo’s winning entry.