Dr Christian Jessen at a function.

We introduce you to the multi-talented Dr Christian Jessen who will help his patients tackle medical problems on TLC's newest show, Dr Christian Will See You Now. Catch the new show on Thursday, 7 September at 20:55.

On Thursday 7 September TLC (DStv Channel 135) brings you a new series Dr Christian Will See You Now at 20:55.

Dr Christian Jessen presented Embarrassing Bodies and assisted patients to fight the battle of the bulge and those who were dangerously underweight on Supersize vs Superskinny.  On Dr Christian Will See You Now  the good doctor along with his dedicated staff that will be helping patients tackle a wide range of ailments ranging from hair loss and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) to many more medical enigmas.

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The cast of the series Dr Christian Will See You Now

Before the shows airs on Thursday 7 September on TLC  (DStv Channel 135), we would like to introduce Doc Jessen to the DStv viewers.

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African nomad

Dr Jenssen lived in Kenya and Uganda, were the well-being of children was his major priority.

Heart of gold

He works closely with charities to help and educate people on health matters.

TV personality

As we mentioned before Dr Jenseen has appereard in many television shows, you might have seen him on Finding God, Sex in Court, The Wright Stuff, Read Steady Cook and The Weakest Link to mention a few.

Doctor music

Apart from being a medical genius, Dr Jessen is said to be good oboist and on occasion performs for a public audience. 



Catch the multi-talent doctor on Dr Christian Will See You Now  Thursday 7 September at 20:55 on TLC DStv Channel 135.