Danny MacAskill gives a thumbs up.

Allows us to introduce you to Danny MacAskill.

On Friday 15 April, Urban Sports fanatics will get the chance to be acquainted with internet sensation Danny MacAskill as he shares his passion for the sport of street trials on TRACE Sport Stars (188) in the thrilling special Danny MacAskill: The Long Way Home at 20:55.

Born on 23 December 1985 in a small town of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, the Scotsman has been a busy bee since his meteoric rise to fame.

Giving up his day job as a mechanic has certainly paid off seeing as the street trials rider has enjoyed career highlights that include a feature in the Doves’ music video Winter Hill.

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Catch Danny MacAskill: The Long Way Home on TRACE Sport Stars (188) at 20:55.