Judges Dave Higgs and J'Something on My Kitchen Rules SA on M-Net, DStv channel 101

After last week’s fireworks around Brent and Andrew’s Instant Restaurant table, where certain contestants unapologetically scored their hosts strategically in order to stay ahead in the game, Group 2 of the MKRSA home cooks are heading to Cape Town this Sunday.

The self-confessed “meat guys” of the competition, OG and G, will surely have some quality ‘inyama’ ready to serve, given that they both come from families that owned their own butcheries in their respective home towns.


“As a former professional rugby player, the competitive edge has always been there for me,” OG – who is a former Gauteng Lions player - explained ahead of their big cook this week. The guys are clearly in it to win it, but will their menu be predictable? Brent and Andrew, who currently find themselves at the bottom of the leader board, have pegged the guys as meat lovers through-and-through. “I think we’re going to have meat for starters, meat for mains, and a little bit of meat for dessert,” Brent joked upon finding out that OG and G were cooking this week.


“The ‘meat guys’ have mentioned that they’re into surf and turf,” judge J’Something noted privately to fellow judge David Higgs, however. “So, hopefully they’ll bring that seafood element into their menu this week.” But the biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether the chilled-out brothers-in-law will manage to bring some much needed laid-back Mother City energy to their highly competitive group of contestants, or whether the sparks will continue to fly at the penultimate dinner of this group.


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