An image of Travis Fimmel aka Ragnar Lothbrok on Vikings

The new season of Vikings is starting today 15 January on M-Net, Dstv Channel 101.

Ragnor Lothbrok is the man who started it all on Vikings. He is potrayed by Travis Fimmel whom you couldv'e seen in War Craft or The Beast

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His adventurous spirit and his fearlessness made him to be the great Scandinavian king he was.  We saw Ragnar raid many west ward lands like England and France amongst others. He dared to go where others would not and was successful with his unique fighting style. 

He was not only a great warrior but he was deep rooted in his beliefs and a family man of note.  Indeed he had five sons one from his first wife Lagertha and four from Aslaug, including Ivar who was deformed and couldn’t walk. 

However that never stopped Ragnar and his son from venturing to England with him in season four where he met Atheltan's  son Alfred and his own son Magnus of Queen Kwenthrith .

Ragnar was also close to his brother Rollo until of course he betrayed him and married Princess Gisla to become the Duke of Normandy and defended France against the Vikings.   

Season 4 recap 
Well Ragnar was still in pain from his wounds that just wouldn’t heal. We saw him saying his goodbye’s to the family and venturing off and get’s christened. He’s eventually thrown into a pit of snakes by King Aelle and thus came the end of Ragnar.

It’s unfortunate that we won’t be seeing this marvellous man in season 5 but his legend still lives on through his sons who will be contesting to see who will be the next king. 

What else can we expect in season 5?
Apart from his sons arguing over who will reign now that Ragnar is dead, Bjorn, Ragnar’s first born, will go on his own adventure over the Mediterranean Sea.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers character Hehmund will also have a bigger focus after he was introduced in the season 4 finale. 

Let's take a moment to appreciate him:



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