The Money Fight Mayweather v McGregor v2

Conor McGregor – younger, heavier and taller.

Floyd Mayweather – experienced, composed and victorious.

After weeks of aggressive verbal fighting with the focus being on the differences between these two giants, fight night was wrapped up with similarities.  Both men expressed respect for each other, despite their pre-fight vows to decimate the other.  Floyd Mayweather was a humble gentleman in his post-win interview, giving due credit to the opponent he was grateful to have had as a partner in his last dance.  He confirmed this indeed as his last fight, no matter how much money is put in front of him.

McGregor was disappointed at the fight being stopped, resulting in his loss by TKO (technical knock-out).  He would have preferred the opportunity to carry on till he hit the floor.  But he acknowledged that his fatigue was undeniable and he was not going to recover enough to win.  He took the loss on the chin, expressing major respect for his worthy victor.

Asked whether he would now transition to boxing and fight again, McGregor said that if anyone is interested, they should give him a shout.

This is how the Money Fight’s cash register sings:

- Both men signed non-disclosure agreements preventing them from discussing the details of their pay.  But we know that Mayweather was guaranteed at least $100m while McGregor walks away with not less than R$30m.

- Pay-per-view records were broken, with 4.5 million purchases at an average of $99.

- TV revenue is estimated at $400 million for the bout

- Here is the breakdown of Mayweather’s attire sponsorship on the night alone:

Robe: $1m

Boxing Shoes: $1m

Weigh-in trunks: $1m

Victory Cap: (undefeated) $1m

Ring Sponsorships: $5m

Walk-out cap: $0.5m

Shorts: $15m

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by Alice da Silva