50 Cent as host of comedy show 50 Central, BET channel 129 on DStv

50 Cent is not a rapper known for his sense of humour, but that doesn’t mean we should doubt the MC’s comedic chops. For proof, join Fiddy as host of a new comedy variety series 50 Central, starting Friday 3 November on BET, DStv channel 129.

WATCH: BET channel 129 streaming online on DStv Now.

New gig aside, there is plenty indicated that there is in fact a funny guy lurking under 50’s tough-guy exterior. Firstly, he dated comedian Chelsea Handler. More importantly, his early career single How To Rob stands as one of the funniest diss tracks of all time, a tongue-in-cheek laundry list of threats in which 50 took aim at the who’s who of hip hop and announced himself as a lyrical force to be reckoned with.  

Unfortunately, 50 Cent suffered a notable sense of humour failure later in his career, but fans and viewers are keen to see him recover his comedy mojo on TV can tune in to BET online this Friday.

While they may not all have hosted their own comedy shows or dated high-profile comedians, there are plenty of other rappers who know their way around a punchline.  

Here are our top 4 funniest rappers of all time:

Kanye West

Kanye West in a black shirt and gold chain

I’m like the fly Malcolm X/Buy any jeans necessary

Like 50, Kanye is prone to sense of humour failure at times. But in his best moments, some of his funniest lines demonstrate that on some level Kanye knows how absurd his behaviour can be, even when he’s simultaneously acknowledging his ego and massaging it.


Childish Gambino

Donald Glover performing onstage as Childish Gambino

Spending this money/It’s longer than Nia/Live like a Coppola/Me and Sophia

Donald Glover is an award-winning comedy writer and comedic actor, so it’s no surprise that he has carried his sense of humour over to his rap alter-ego.


Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle performing onstage

Cause everybody’s getting fired/I flew off the handle and boy are my arms tired

With his focus on set ups and punchlines and his affinity for comedians such as Steven Wright and Hannibal Buress, Open Mike Eagle treads the line between rap and stand-up comedy, probably veering closer to that latter than any other rapper on this list.



Rapper DOOM performing onstage

DOOM are you pondering what I’m pondering/Yes, but why would the darn thing be wandering?

If Donald Glover is adept at crafting a comedic character in his raps and Open Mike Eagle acts more like a traditional stand-up comedian, DOOM combines a multitude of outsize personas with hilarious lyrics and an absurdist streak worthy of Lenny Bruce or Andy Kaufmann. From recording a diss track in character aimed at another one of his personas to releasing an entire album based around Adult Swim cartoons, DOOM’s entire career to this point can be seen as one long, dark, twisted personal joke.