Africa's Hunters S2.

Africa's Hunters shows the world of animals from the predators to the prey and their competition for the next meal.

Africa’s Hunters S2 (on Monday 5 February at 18:00 on NatGeo Wild (DStv Channel 182) and streaming on DStv Now ) follows the course of nature: predator seeking prey. From lions and leopards to hyenas, witness what life in the plains are like for these incredible animals where it’s a constant competition for the next meal.

In the season 2 premiere, go to the heart of Zambia's Luangwa Valley where lies one of the best leopard territories going. It's a patchwork of habitats - shady woodland full of comfortable trees for resting in, and short grass plains packed with antelope. For some, it’s a life of survival.

As we wait for season 2 of Africa’s Hunters to marvel at the way nature works, let’s be in awe of some of these fun facts about animals you can find in Zambia!

- Zambia is known for its on-foot safari experiences. What animals could you spot? Large prides of lions and wild dogs are in abundance, elephants, 14 different species of antelope, buffalo, hyenas baboons and vervet monkeys are just some of the wondrous animals that call Zambia home.

- Antelopes are without a doubt cute herbivore animals of the wild that opt for a diet of grass, root shoots and seeds. Larger animals tend to prey on these beautiful creatures, but their heightened senses ten to often help them get out of sticky situations to live another day. In case you were wondering, antelopes take short naps while standing – always keeping an eye out for their surroundings.

- Ever wondered if a Hyena was a part of the dog or cat family? There are three species: brown, striped and the largest spotted – where they may come across as dog-like, it is described that hyenas are more similar to the cat family.

- Where some animals are known for specific diets of plants or other certain animals of the wild, you’d be interested to know that leopards are not really picky eaters – which is why you’ll always spot them preying on anything from a monkey and hyena to large birds and antelope.

Watch Africa’s Hunters S2 on Monday 5 February at 18:00 on NatGeo Wild (DStv Channel 182) and streaming on DStv Now