An image of Miles Callisto from Miles From Tomorrowland

Here is some interesting titbits about the making of Miles From Tomorrowland from the show's creator, Sascha Paladino.

We talk to creator Sascha Paladino to find out some cool and crazy facts about the process of making Miles From Tomorrowland, a spectacular new cartoon series that airs Saturdays at 09:55 on Disney Junior. 

Story time 
The animated action follows the story of a young adventurer, Miles Callisto, and his intergalactic family. “Miles and his family have been sent into outer space on a mission by the Tomorrowland Transit Authority,” reveals Sascha, the show’s creator. 

Here's a look at what you can expect to see if you haven't joined in the intergalactic fun yet:



Action galore
Miles gets into lots of crazy adventures in the stellar space show. “Miles and his family explore new galaxies that are filled with amazing aliens, space-age vehicles and the latest high-tech gadgets,” admits Sascha. “It’s a total blast!” 

Alien invasion 
Keep your eyes peeled for oodles of crazy aliens in the show. “We had a lot of fun creating the animated aliens in Miles From Tomorrowland,” laughs Sascha. “There are tons of them! There are scary-looking aliens, as well as sand creatures, rock aliens and dinosaur aliens. There’s even a kooky bird alien!” 

Out of this world
So why did Sascha decide to make an animated show about space? He explains: “I have always been excited and interested in outer space. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be an astronaut. I would look to the sky and imagine what was up there. Space is the perfect setting for an animation like this!” 

Space race
“We spent a long time researching space for the show,” admits Sascha. “Research is very important, which is why we have a consultant from NASA involved in the show.” What’s NASA? It’s a part of the US government that deals with science, technology and space.

Rocket man 
“The name of our NASA consultant is Dr Randii Wessin, and he’s a rocket scientist,” reveals Sascha. “Randii helps us with every single script for the show and he also comes in for brainstorming sessions. He’s very, very inspiring!”

It's a fact 
Calling all space fans! “There is at least one space fact in every show,” admits Sascha. “In our very first episode, we pay a visit to Jupiter’s moon, Io. Hopefully this will inspire everyone to look further into the universe on their own!” 

A voyage of discovery 
“Space is a gigantic place to explore,” continues Sascha. “In our stories, we go to real planets like Mars and Neptune – but we also wanted to give ourselves permission to explore our imaginations. That’s why there are lots of fantastical planets with amazing made-up aliens mixed in!”

Word up!
The creative team had lots of fun coming up with the intergalactic catchphrases for the show. “Miles says ‘blastastic’ instead of fantastic – and there are lots of space-themed words like sunsational, space-tastic, stellarific and superstella,” laughs Sascha. “You’ll also hear them say things like, ‘Uh-oh… I think mum is going to go supernova!’ And, ‘Back in a nano-second!’ The catchphrases always make us laugh.” 

Gadgets galore
The show is crammed with groovy gadgets and high-tech gizmos. “The Callisto family lives on a floating space station called The Stellosphere,” reveals Sascha. “They have lots of cool gadgets, like a 3D printer called a Solidizer, and they travel around on a space vehicle called the Starjetter.” 

Board stupid
Miles and Phoebe own two of the coolest gadgets in the show. “Miles has a Blastboard, which is a hovering skateboard,” explains Sascha. “And Phoebe has a bracelet called the Bracelex, which doubles as an encyclopedia on her wrist!” 

Animal Magic 
“When I first started work on the show, I wanted Miles to have a pet as a best friend,” admits Sascha. “Originally, I pitched the idea of Miles having an ostrich best friend because I loved the thought of Miles riding around on a bird – but then I realised it would be better if it was a robot ostrich. Robots are very, very cool!” 

Bird Brain 
“Miles’ pet robo-ostrich has turbo boosters and wing shields – and he’s made out metal,” adds Sascha. “He can protect Miles from really dangerous things, which means he can get into some really exciting situations – but he always stays safe.” 

Work away 
Tons of work goes into creating the animated adventures of Miles and his family. “We spent a year and a half working on the first episode of the show,” reveals Sascha. “We have a team of 40 people working on the show in California and another 400 overseas. It’s hard work at times, but it’s always fun. We can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Don't miss the Miles From Tomorrowland Saturdays at 09:55 on Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309).