Zimbabwean entertainment reporter Makho Ndlovu

Watch as Makho Ndlovu mingles with the hottest stars in Hollywood.

It was a night of glamour and great music for Zimbabwe’s Makho Ndlovu when she attended the 2015 BET Awards.

BET2 is giving you the chance to see Makho mingling with the hottest stars in Hollywood on Friday, 24 July at 19:30 CAT for all her red carpet interviews from the BET Awards.

In an exclusive interview, Makho spoke about the BET Awards experience and how the African music acts were received when they performed in Los Angeles.

“There were quite a few South Africans in the audience so it was a treat for them to see their faves onstage, especially AKA, but conversely the American crowd also seemed intrigued by the artists from Africa. The artist performances were phenomenal and that really drew the crowd in.”

Over the weekend of the BET Awards, there’s an opportunity for the African music acts who’ve been nominated to showcase their talent and mingle with the American nominees. Makho agrees that this is a great platform for African artists.

“Africa has an immense amount of talent and for a long time we have been often overlooked. Our artists almost have a glass ceiling (if you will), meaning that there is a chance that one can become famous all over the continent but attaining that success in the US or globally is often difficult.

“The beauty of the information age is that we can transmit and share information faster than before. When you as a fan see Fally Ipupa doing his dance moves onstage you can now record it on your phone and share it with all of your Facebook friends - some who may not have heard of the artist had it not been for you sharing it.

“Technology is a game changer! So it’s extremely important that African artists get involved in global events much like the BET Awards, because it exposes them to a new way to capture the attention of their prospective audience.”




The musical performances at this year's BET Awards were definitely what the fans ordered - not only were there hot collaborations like Janelle Monae and Jidenna and the tribute to Janet Jackson by Tinashe, Jason Derulo and Ciara, but there was also a Bad Boy reunion with Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, Ma$e, Lil' Kim, 112 and Pharrell Williams! And the tribute to Smokey Robinson by Tori Kelly, Robin Thicke and Ne-Yo was spectacular!

When we asked Makho what her dream collaboration between an African and an American artist would be, this is what she said.

“I was super excited to hear about a collaboration between Wizkid and Drake, what a dream duo. The opportunities are just endless in terms of collaborations between artists, but I would love to see the reigning Queen of Pop Beyoncé work with an African artist since a lot of her sound and way of dressing is often very much influenced by the continent. There are so many musicians to choose from, but I would love to see her link up with Tiwa Savage or famed DJ Black Coffee.”

And if ever you find yourself in the City of Angels, Makho has a few must-see places for any first time visitor to Los Angeles.

“LA is massive and there are so many things to do especially for first-time visitors. The beaches are always a must see and my personal favorite is Venice. It’s so wild, you just never know what to expect.

“ I also love going to Beverly Hills and shopping at some of the famed stores in the area. The other must see stop is the Hollywood sign, you can’t possibly leave LA without snapping a photo there.”

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