Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams.

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has been put on CNN's list of Ones to Watch: film.

If you’re in the modern world at all, you should know Maisie Williams, even though she’s still relatively new on the scene. She came into the spotlight on one of the world’s most iconic series show, Game of Thrones.

As a feisty girl with the courage of an army and the grace of a porcupine, her character, Arya Stark, has kept audiences enthralled for five seasons already. Her success has not gone unnoticed, landing her on the list of CNN Ones to Watch (airing on Friday, 10 July at 11:30).

On working on the set from the beginning, Maisie states: “It was a great experience as a 12 year old, I watched and tried to take in as much as possible, I learnt things like the vocabulary of a film set, how to behave... I know I asked lots of questions but no one seemed to mind.”

Maisie notes that when she was younger, she shared similarities with the iconic character but, since she has matured, their lives developed on different paths.

She shares that since launching a career in the iconic series, Game of Thrones, she tries not to focus on the expectations from others: “I try to be true to the Arya I first envisaged and hope people like her."

On being named “One to Watch” in the world of film. Maisie exclaims: “It's very exciting to fall into this category as my background is mainly TV, but I am grateful to have the opportunity to widen my horizons.” And with movies stacking slowly behind her name, she is going from strength to strength.

Gold and The Falling are a few films already in her rear-view while The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea has us all waiting anxiously for its release next year. Maisie notes that: “creating a new character for a new film is vastly different and more challenging than returning to a character you have already portrayed. It needs much more preparation.”

She stars alongside Jessica Biel in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and Maisie adds that she was wonderful to work with. “Not only did she make me feel relaxed and at home in a foreign city, but on set she encouraged me to go with my instincts, giving me confidence,” she says.

She is even set to guest-star in an episode of Doctor Who, which she says she enjoyed watching as a child. Although Maisie says it was daunting at first, “everyone was so lovely and they are such a great team. I slotted in straight away. I can't wait to see what the fans think of it.”

Catch Maisie Williams on CNN (DStv channel 401) on Friday 10 July at 11:30 on CNN Ones to Watch.