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How do you find the freshest and biggest international movies and series on DStv Premium? If you’re a DStv Compact customer, would you prefer to watch more of M-Net’s channels in High Definition?

Well movie fans, M-Net Movies has some big news: 

VUZU AMP finds a new home on DStv channel 103

It will now be as easy as 1-2-3 to flick to the freshest and best scripted series from Hollywood. The popular VUZU AMP channel is relocating to channel 103 on DStv Premium (from channel 114). This means that VUZU AMP will now be in the same neighbourhood as the ever-popular M-Net (channel 101) and M-Net Edge (channel 102)

M-Net 101 will continue to bring the biggest and best family friendly blockbuster international series to our screens; M-Net Edge (channel 102) will still cater for connoisseurs with a taste for highly acclaimed and risqué content; and VUZU AMP (channel 103) will feature the international series like Power, Ballers and Basketball Wives for the forever young alongside its sizzling local productions.

“M-Net’s slate of up-to-date series from Hollywood has been spread across M-Net, M-Net Edge and VUZU AMP on DStv Premium for a while and it makes perfect sense to present these three channels to our viewers as a cluster in this new sequence,” says M-Net CEO Yolisa Phahle.

“We will also work harder to make sure that viewers know which channel a series will be broadcast on - some of our viewers have indicated that they don’t always know whether a series will be on M-Net or VUZU AMP. We would like to fix that.”


Two more HD channels for DStv Compact viewers

The M-Net Channels also have great news for DStv Compact customers: M-Net City (115) and M-Net Movies Action (110) will now be in High Definition.


M-Net Movies channels streamlined

With VUZU AMP moving to channel 103, the M-Net Movies channels will now occupy channels 104 to 111. The number of channels will be reduced from nine to seven tightly curated channels – M-Net Movies has reduced the number of older library movies in the schedule, to keep the movie offering new and fresh.

Big news within the new M-Net Movies channel offering is the brand new, feel-good addition of M-Net Movies Smile, which will offer chuckles for the entire family as well as the revamp of M-Net Movies Showcase.

The addition of M-Net Movies Smile (104) and the revamp of M-Net Movies Showcase (108) means that three of the existing movie channels will no longer exist – M-Net Movies Comedy (currently on channel 104), M-Net Movies Family (currently on channel 105) and M-Net Movies Romance (currently on channel 107). 

Viewers can also look forward to more seasonal pop-up channels, like the recent M-Net Movies Blackout channel and last year’s massively successful M-Net Movies Star Wars pop-up channel. 


A quick glance at the M-Net Movies channel cluster, as of Friday 1 July:

  • M-Net Movies Premiere (which was on channel 103 until VUZU AMP’s arrival) - channel 104 on DStv Premium. M-Net Movies Premiere simply has a new address. It will continue to bring you the latest, biggest and best premiere movies from Hollywood – anything from Kevin Hart comedies to Oscar-winning dramas.
  • M-Net Movies Smile - channel 105 on DStv Premium. As the name signals, this is the channel guaranteed to make you show your pearly whites. Everyone who’s young at heart can look forward to fantastic animated and family-friendly films. Then, once the kids have gone to bed, the grown-ups can enjoy sidesplitting comedy with the likes of Adam Sandler or Melissa McCarthy.
  • M-Net Movies Action + - channel 106 on DStv Premium. The biggest, most explosive action movies will still be on M-Net Movies Action+. Watch Vin Diesel, Keanu Reeves and all the action heroes save humanity from all kinds of evil.
  • M-Net Movies Showcase - channel 107 on DStv Premium. Apart from being able to indulge this channel’s usual host of lovely festivals, box sets and franchise specials and watch an A-list, blockbuster film that previously premiered on Sunday nights every night in prime time, this will now also be the go-to destination for all romantics that want to be swept away by love stories and enchanting storytelling.
  • M-Net Movies Action – channel 110 on DStv Compact and DStv Premium. All the action that blows you away, but now in HD!
  • M-Net Movies Stars – channel 111 on DStv Compact and DStv Premium. You can continue to enjoy the company of Hollywood’s A-list stars in exactly the same way as before.
  • M-Net Movies Zone – channel 139 on DStv Family, Access, Compact, Premium and GOtv. Movie Zone lovers across the different DStv packages will not be affected at all.


Channel name

Current channel no

New channel number




M-Net Movies Premiere



M-Net Movies Smile

brand new channel


M-Net Movies Action+


106 – no change

M-Net Movies Showcase



M-Net Movies Action


110 – now in HD

M-Net Movies Stars


111 – no change

M-Net City


115 – now in HD

 M-Net Movies Zone


139 – no change

M-Net Movies Comedy


Terminated (content now found on M-Net Movies Smile)

M-Net Movies Family


Terminated (content now found on M-Net Movies Smile)

M-Net Movies Romance


Terminated (content now found on M-Net Movies Showcase)