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M-Net has decided to change the number of singers who will perform on stage in this week’s live show of The Voice SA. (Sunday, 8 May at 17:00). This follows a voting glitch on one of the voting platforms earlier this week that could have skewed the voting results of one coach’s team.

Instead of having twelve talent vying for their coach’s save or the support of the voting public, as originally planned, thirteen singers  - three from three of the coaches’ teams and four from the remaining coach - will now have the opportunity to give it their all to stay in the competition. 

Regular monitoring of the voting process revealed that between 20:15 and 21:52 on Thursday 5 May, approximately 8,000 SMS messages sent by Vodacom customers failed to deliver properly, prompting M-Net, in consultation with the independent auditing firm Deloitte & Touche, to conduct a thorough investigation.

As the delivery failure resulted in the loss of the messages, the intended votes could not be allocated to individual singers. But during the investigation M-Net and the auditors ascertained that the 8000 affected votes could only have changed the outcome of the voting results for one of the teams – the only one in which the votes were very close with fewer than 8000 votes between two of the talent.

“M-Net is committed to being a responsible and transparent broadcaster,” explains Jan du Plessis, Director: M-Net Channels. “We have an excellent and dedicated team who monitors the voting on our reality shows closely. Whenever there is a voting anomaly of any kind that might impact the results we will act immediately to resolve the matter to be fair to the talent involved.”

All of the messages affected by the network connectivity will be entered into an additional draw for The Voice SA Viewers Competition with the prize being a Samsung Galaxy A5 Smartphone worth R5499.

Visit the official The Voice SA website for more info.