Lisette Morelos Publicity image at Telemundo event

In an exclusive interview with The Impostor’s lead actress, Lisette Morelos, she reveals she’s a huge fan of Game of Thrones and her funny reaction to last season.

Actress Lisette Morelos has starred in several telenovelas and we see her now on our screens in The Impostor, weekdays at 18:00 on Telemundo.

The Impostor is much like a modern day tale of Romeo and Juliet when a love story unfolds between two people who probably shouldn’t be together due to their families not seeing eye to eye.

Talking about the scintillating series, Morelos says: “I like that it is a really good balance between romance and action and a little bit of mystery too. There’s a lot of intrigue and conflict and there’s always something happening.”

She plays a dual role as Blanca and Victoria and says it’s no easy feat to achieve.

“It was very challenging – sometimes I’d have to shoot a scene from Blanca and a scene from Victoria and then go back to Blanca again and then go back to Victoria again for a while. They speak different, they obviously dress different and they just do everything different. Sometimes I would get confused and have to ask myself 'Okay who am I right now?' Getting my hair straight, then redoing my hair to do the Victoria scene. It was a nightmare, but everything else was really enjoyable.”


Shooting takes Lisette away from her husband, two kids and two dogs for eight months at a time, so she always tries to make time for them in-between jobs. And when she’s not putting her family first she’s tuning in to her “top three” favourite shows: “The Walking Dead, House of Cards and Game of Thrones.”

This gal is not only about hearts and roses and all things romantic – she admits: “I’d love to have a role in a sci-fi or horror movie.”

“On The Walking Dead I love Rick because he’s always taking care of everybody, he’s always doing the right thing. He’s smart, he’s handsome, and he’s great. I love Michonne too, I love her, and I would love to be her. In GoT I love Khaleesi, like everybody else I think – who doesn’t love Khaleesi? She’s a strong woman, she’s a powerful minded person, beautiful, extremely intelligent, she has it all, I love her!”

Morelos' obsession with GoT found her watching the trailer, but she refused to take it further and she tells us why:

“I don’t want to see much of it, I want it to be a surprise. Last season I seriously was screaming on the sofa – I was like 'No, you can’t do that, no!' So I’m really looking forward to the new season. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing. The production is amazing; I actually read the books so I kind of know where it’s going.”

Fellow GoT fans take note that winter is coming with Season 5 of Game of Thrones on 13 April at 03:00 on M-Net Edge which will be simulcast with the US premiere. You can also catch the Thursday primetime slot at 21:00 from 16 April. And be sure to check out Morelos being her own version of a powerful, justice seeking woman much like Khaleesi in The Impostor, weekdays at 18:00 on Telemundo.