An image of Lionel Richie who will be on Oprah's Masterclass.

Award-winning musician Lionel Richie shares his life experiences on Oprah's Masterclass.

During his appearance on Oprah's Master Class, award-winning musician, producer and song writer Lionel Richie shared about his life experience and what he has learned from it.

The episode is part of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) programming that airs on Sundays at 20:55 on TLC Entertainment (DStv channel 171).

Lionel started off talking about love, a subject that he says "will never go out of style". He ought to know. He has written many songs on the subject and hey, it's worked for him.

It was an interesting journey through Lionel's life as he spoke about being born and raised at the Tuskegee Institute campus - "the bubble" - and how that moulded him.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons that changed his life was the one about perseverance.

Lionel Richie shares his life experiences on Oprah's Masterclass

Even though he had ADD and could not read or write music, the Hello singer continued to learn and grab opportunities that led him to joining the legendary Commodores and landing a gig as the opening act for The Jackson 5. So follow Lionel's lead and never pass up an opportunity because you never know where it may lead.

During the class, Lionel shared that he would hear voices and rythms but didn't quite know what it all meant until he was at Motown Records. The voices led him to write hit songs. He may not have understood it at first, but Lionel learned that there is purpose in every experience and that losing your way can be a reroute to finding the path you were meant to take. 

Lionel Richie talks about getting lost on Oprah's Lifeclass

Education was extremely important to Lionel's no-nonsense parents, Lionel Snr and Alberta Richie. Their son, however, had other dreams for himself. Young Lionel followed his own path that has brought him to this point.

Lionel Richie talks about life on Oprah's Masterclass

With success came growth and with growth came the realisation that Lionel had to carve out a career that was independent of the Commodores. This saddened him because the group had been a big part of his life and they had all started together. But with a resume that included writing songs for the likes of Kenny Rogers and the fact that random people walked up to him to give him praise, Lionel realised that he had to take the next step in his life.

Lionel Richie talks about The Commodores on Oprah's Lifeclass

One of the greatest lessons he shared towards the end of the class was:

Lionel Richie talks about self acceptance on Oprah's Masterclass

Through it all, Lionel had to become his own person regardless of what was going on around him. He has made peace with the fact that everything about himself, including being an egotistical maniac (as he described himself), has brought him to where he is today. He says it was only when he made the decision to accept himself completely, that he started to enjoy his life.

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