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Lindsay is reportedly “up to her old tricks” despite facing jail time.

Lindsay is reportedly “up to her old tricks” despite facing jail time. This week it was revealed the 28-year-old Mean Girls actress has fallen way behind in the fulfilment of her legal obligations. She is currently on probation stemming from a 2012 reckless driving conviction in California and a judge presiding over the case added on 125 community service hours to her sentence in February.

Lindsay has only done 9 hours and 45 minutes of her court-ordered labour, which must be completed by May 28, but it’s claimed she’s unfazed about the situation.
“Lindsay is still partying up a storm, and ignoring phone calls and text messages from her attorney, Shawn Holley,” a source told Radar Online. “With the threat of serious jail time looming, she is still up to her old tricks.”

The star was spotted shopping in Milan last week and partying into the wee hours of the morning a few days ago in London, where she currently resides.
During the May 7 hearing, Lindsay’s lawyers excused her dearth of hours by claiming the court-approved facility where she performs duties takes too long to get to from her home, with a 90-minute trip each way.

Her attorneys also said she planned to complete community service in Brooklyn, New York instead of London.
“Making excuses for reasons why she can’t get to the location to do community service, hoping to get it done in Brooklyn, it’s just the endless circle of drama,” the insider noted.
“She isn’t taking the May 28 deadline seriously, and thinks her attorney Shawn will be able to get it extended once again. Lindsay is living in London, and knows nothing can be done legally while she is there.”

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Article by: Cover Media.