DStv repeats campaign artwork.

Not everyone has the freedom to watch what they want, when they want to.

Our 5.5 million South African customers lead busy lives – some of us rush around during the day while others work at night and others are just too busy to watch their favourite show when it goes on air. That’s one of the reasons that we give our customers more than one chance to watch what they want.

Some shows are repeated quite often, but the number of repeats varies from channel to channel. Some channels, like M-Net (101), are specifically picked for the DStv Premium package. These channels offer the latest shows and movies, sometimes even at the same time as the US (as with our Express from the US service). This means that our DStv Premium customers see the latest shows first.

These same shows and movies will be screened a few months later on channels that are available on other packages. This means you may have seen a show or movie on DStv Premium and will come across it again when it’s broadcast on a channel that serves DStv Compact customers. Offering shows and movies across our channels on all packages means that, sooner or later, everyone gets a chance to see it and enjoy it.

All channels, especially movie channels, need to offer a mix of new and repeat content. Hollywood makes about 600 movies every year – that’s roughly 1 200 hours of movies. A single movie channel needs 8 760 hours to fill up the schedule every day for a year. It is for this reason that you see a mix of brand new movies and old favourites on our movie channels.

Supercharge your viewing

There is a lot of great content on the channels on DStv every day – just ask our customers with DStv Exploras who say they don’t have enough time to watch everything! So why not supercharge your DStv viewing experience and get yourself a DStv Explora – the latest and best series, movies, sport and documentaries will be waiting for you on DStv Catch Up when you are ready to sit down and enjoy! And thanks to the series record features, you can build your own library of shows at the touch of a button.

Find some new favourites

Our research tells us that our customers tend to stick to a few favourite channels. This means you could be missing out on great new shows on channels that aren’t on your favourite list. So why not try out a new channel today?

It’s all about planning your viewing to make the most out of your DStv experience. We want to help you discover those hidden gems and new favourites, so we’ve created a number of ways to help you. You can use any of the tools below to find something that interests you on a channel you don’t normally watch:

On your decoder, go to channel 100 to watch a video loop of this month’s highlights. You can also use the decoder search feature to look for genres, movies A-Z or specific shows.

On DStv.com the Series Calendar lists new and returning series as well as what you can watch Express from the US, what’s on break and what’s on DStv Catch Up in the coming month. The Movie Calendar offers a list of premiere movies for your entertainment. Also, see what’s Hot on TV and plan your viewing using the TV guide on DStv.com.

Log on to DStv.com and subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletters and you will receive weekly programme highlights in your Inbox.

On social media, our DStv Facebook and Twitter pages publish daily programming highlights. You can even ask us to help you find something to watch by using #DStvGuideMe.

On your smartphone, you can download the DStv Now app for iOS and Android where you can access a TV Guide, search by name or theme, and even set reminders.

Why not expand your DStv repertoire a bit? Who knows - you might even find a few new favourites.