Jonathon from the East Rand, Rikus de Beer, presenter of Die Radio Raps Show

An interview with the presenter of the new comedy-reality show featuring Afrikaans internet sensation Radio Raps.

Late-night comedy comes to VIA (DStv Channel 147), and streaming live on DStv Now, with Die Radio Raps Show, Fridays at 20:00.

The Afrikaans internet sensation Radio Raps – as personified by the hilarious character of Jonathan from the East Rand – can be seen on TV when the late-night comedy-reality programme Die Radio Radio Raps Show kicks off on the Afrikaans lifestyle channel VIA.

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We chatted to Jonathan (the alter ego of the comedian Rikus de Beer) about his new TV show and what viewers can expect.

When did you decide you wanted to become a comedian?

I’ve always wanted to go into comedy and to act but didn’t know where to begin. Thanks to technology and the videos and voicenotes I made I had a platform where I had a chance to do just that.

How did you decide on your character’s name?

One day I made a voice note about someone from the East Rand giving advice on gym etiquette and I had to think of a name on the spot. The first name that popped into my head was Jonathan. It happened accidently.

What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever asked you?

I’ve had to sign all kinds of strange stuff – from weird places on women’s bodies to credit cards. I’ve even signed someone’s bakkie with permanent marker. I’ve had a to record people’s voice mails quite a number of times. And I’ve been asked to phone a lot of women. Once a woman started yelling at me and didn’t know it was me.

What would you consider as your claim to fame that got your career going?

That’s a tough one because I don’t like the words “fame” or “famous”. I’m just a guy who likes getting people to forget about their problems and to have a laugh. But I think the thing that most people recognise me for is my voicenote on gym etiquette followed by a video I made about fishing.

Do fans expect you to always be in character or are you just yourself in front of people?

These days people call me by my name and they realise the character is someone different – even though there’s a lot of Jonathan in me! I think everyone’s got a bit of Jonathan in them but I think the kind of guy who likes my stuff is someone with a sense of humour.

What’s the strangest direct message (DM) you’ve ever received on Instagram and how did you respond?

99.9999% of the people who DM me are very, very nice but I’ve once had someone who said, “I hope you die!” That was very strange for me but I just shook my head and blocked the person. It was very random.

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by Alice da Silva