Ice Town, new

Could you call the Arctic island of Svalbard your home?

Ice Town, Life on the Edge is a 10-part series following the lives of people who’ve made the inhospitable Arctic island of Svalbard their home.

Premiering on Sunday 28 August at 18:00 on BBC Earth (184), viewers get to tune into the fascinating happenings of the most northerly town in the world, with extreme temperatures, daylight hours and people. With an array of people from all over, it really makes for a colourful town.

Living in darkness for four months every year and living in a place where carrying a gun is mandatory by law, Ice Town is sure to keep us hooked with its weird ways.

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Executive Producer of BBC Worldwide, Kirsty Hanson successfully commissioned Ice Town and shares her experience of Svalbard with us.

Kirsty Hanson

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When asked why this show is so unique, Kirsty explained that, with people from 46 different nationalities, it’s a once-off extreme cinematic experience.

Kirsty noted that, 1287km+ from North Pole, all the people living there had a “universal interest to change their life.” While visiting the place herself, Kirsty mentioned how she experienced a polar night: 24 hours of darkness! Although she stated: “Your body still seems to know when it was day.”

Among the many new experiences in Svalbard, Kirsty loved the dog sledding; “It’s a bit scary but all you can hear is the paws on snow and nothing else – it’s so beautiful.” Kirsty described the bluey-indigo night and how she felt dislocated from our planet.

Asked why she thinks people will enjoy Ice Town, Kirsty explained that it really is escapism. “It’s quirky and funny, people just live with extremity,” she said, mentioning how the characters are so diverse and so interesting to watch.

Make sure you tune into the quirky new series Ice Town on BBC Earth, channel 184 on Sunday 28 August at 18:00.