Fearless Chef Kiran Jethwa

In an exclusive interview with DStv, Fearless Chef Kiran Jethwa reveals his favourite things

Kiran Jethwa isn't your ordinary chef. His resume includes venturing deep Amazon in Peru and canoing through mangrove infested Sunderbans swamp in Bangladesh in search of hard-to-find recipes just to add some exotic flavour to his food.

To see more of what Kiran is willing to do for the love of food and adventure, don't miss his new show Fearless Chef that premiers on 19 January at 20:05 on Nat Geo Wild (182).

Even with his wild dares, Kiran reveals in an exclusive interview that he's just 'a guy who loves good old food.' So he's normal after all. But that's not all 'normal' there is to this Fearless Chef. He reveals the seven things we didn't know about him.



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