Infamous comedian Kevin Hart on his SA tours.

World-renown funny-man Kevin Hart is in South Africa for his What Now? tour – with sold out shows of 16 000 people already breaking the South African audience records.

With his Johannesburg show hitting the Ticketpro Dome on Wednesday 30 March, the hype is crazy!

- Check out this gallery from Kevin Hart's press conference held at MultiChoice City.

We caught up with Kevin to chat about SA and all things unexpected. We promised to honour his request which was: “Tell everybody I’m tall.” - He’s tall everybody!

“I feel privileged to be in South Africa” said Kevin talking about the power of the media. “You never know what to expect, or what you’re walking into – now South Africa is on my list of places to frequent - it’s on the list with amazing people.”

When asked how much of his performances are scripted and how much is improvised, Kevin said that the scripts are there and the personality others bring is simply an added bonus: “It’s like ice-cream with added sprinkles – I’m the sprinkles!”

We don’t care how he does it, as long as he keeps on doing it!

Be sure to check out the very tall Kevin Hart host the MTV Movie Awards alongside The Rock on MTV (channel 130) at 22:00 on 11 April.