Cast pic of UnREAL on Lifetime.

We chat to Constance Zimmer from the Lifetime series UnREAL.

With all the fuss around reality TV, this new take from behind the scenes has me in awe.

UnREAL follows a set of producers and directors making a reality show called Everlasting. From the girls on the show to the demanding bachelor, there’s drama and excitement every step of the way!

If you haven’t seen the magic yet, be sure to catch it on Lifetime, Mondays at 20:45, also on DStv Catch Up.

We had a chat with Constance Zimmer who plays head television producer and all round tough-cookie Quinn King.

When asked about how she felt about being part of the show, she said: “It was pretty extraordinary. It was scary at first, working with so many women. I’d never been surrounded by so many women in one cast or one scene at a time.

It was one of the most supportive casts, one of the most entertaining group of people to be around every day. We were so excited about the stories that we were telling and so completely frightened by the stories that we were telling, but we were all bonding behind the scenes.”

Constance described her experience as being part of a huge family and said it was really unlike anything she’s ever worked on.

Her most memorable scenes were those that she never thought they were going to shoot. “We would read in the script and say, ‘Wow, there’s no way they’re going to let us do this’, and then we would get the rewrites back and the scene would still be in there.”

On her character, Quinn, Constance explained that: “She is honest and unfiltered - I guess we can call her a ball buster.” She is insecure yet also incredibly confident, “which is already a crazy dichotomy of a person because her insecurity, I think, is what makes her confidence so much stronger than the average bear”.

“Quinn is super fun to play because her personal life is a mess and her job is to make a show that is a mess look like it’s not a mess - it’s like controlled chaos,” Constance explained.

“She can say some of the meanest, cruellest things and somehow she’s always right, and there’s humour in it, which is even more fascinating! I found myself laughing more watching Quinn than I did actually performing.”

Asked what the hardest obstacle was, Constance answered: “in order for Quinn to be somebody that you would love to hate or hate to love, I needed to be three or four or five things rolled in one, and that for me was always the biggest challenge.”

UnREAL is a topic on everyone’s lips because, as Constance put it: “It’s behind the scenes of reality television, but to be honest, it’s a story about love and people trying to find love - and the different lengths that they will go through to find it.”

She felt that the portrayal women in the show was done in such a way as to challenge audiences. “In our world, obviously we’re breaking them down because we need it to be better television. All the women on the show, even the contestants, are strong women. They’ve just chosen a crazy world to be displayed in,” she said.

The biggest misconception about her is that people think she is her character. “Whenever I meet people on the street, they’re always like, ‘Oh my God, you’re not a b****. You’re so nice’. I’m like, ‘Yes, well, thank you’. That would definitely be it.

When they come to me and want to say hi, and realise that I’m actually super nice - they’re all always super excited and surprised.”

Well we think Constance is awesome! So there you have it, just one more reason to check her out in UnREAL,  Mondays at 20:45 on Lifetime (DStv channel 131), also on also on DStv Catch Up.