Zenzo as Junior in The Imposter

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In the ninth episode of The Imposter, Mantwa once again evaded capture and tied up major loose ends. Catch the full episode on DStv Catch Up online and on your DStv Explora. 

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In one swoop, Mantwa killed Linda, and somehow passed off her own finger prints as Matshepo's. And now has full access to Regi’s money, who still thinks Mantwa is Matshepo (much to our frustrattion).



Now with Junior seemingly out of the picture after Linda’s body was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the boot of his car, what is the possibility that Junior’s missing gun is indeed the same one that shot Linda? Let’s also visit the fact that Linda’s cause of death was poisoning, and not the gunshot to the head (maybe that will save our favourite detective). In the episode it was also revealed that like Masthepo, Regi was also having an affair. Not just with some random mistress, but Linda!



Junior likely to join his father in prison, now the question remains, is there anyone that can foil Mantwa’s seemingly waterproof plan?



If this was chess Mantwa would have been screaming checkmate since the beginning of the series. Can anyone stop her? Find out what happens next Sunday 10 December on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) and DStv Now at 20:00. If you missed the episode you can catch the repeat on DStv Catch Up online and on the DStv Explora.