Artwork for So Funny Safari.

Boomerang, the home of evergreen, internationally famous cartoon franchises from Turner on channel 302, will be joining forces with the Johannesburg Zoo over the 2015 summer holidays to take kids in Johannesburg on their very own So Funny Safari!  

This summer, families in the city of gold will have the opportunity to celebrate their summer holidays with a first-of-its-kind So Funny Safari, setting the perfect scene for an African holiday celebration!

From now until Sunday 17 January, Boomerang would like to invite families who are staying or visiting Johannesburg to take a family trip to the Johannesburg Zoo and jump on the So Funny Safari tractor. In true Boomerang spirit, they will be whisked away on a magical African safari adventure, where they will get the opportunity to visit all their favourite furry friends, as well as their counterparts such as Tom and Jerry, Garfield, Scooby-Doo, Pink Panther and the ever feisty Tazmanian Devil.  


Kids should get ready to jump onto the exciting So Funny Safari tractor, which will take them along an adventurous trail where they will meet their favourite Boomerang characters, who will introduce them to some exotic and wild animal creatures. These very special edutaining adventures will take-off daily from the So Funny Safari pick-up zone at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. Lots of exhilarating fun will be had as visitors are bound to have fun, visiting six different enclosures where a few of the zoo’s most favourite animals will be paired up with a Boomerang furry friend. They will also be able to learn some pretty interesting facts about these very special wildlife creatures in a fun and relaxing family environment. 

Providing great family entertainment is core to the Boomerang brand. Following children away from the television and extending itself to the outdoors, the channel will be supporting animal conservation through a fun lens, by associating its famous cartoon stars with wildlife.

Join in on all of the fun by catching your favourite characters in their well-known shows daily on Boomergang (302) on DStv!