Foodies chef Reza Mahammad

Food Network chefs, Jenny Morris, Reza Mahammad and Siba Mtongana, chat about what they're expecting at the DStv Delicious festival.

With DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival just around the corner, the famous Food Network chefs are just as excited as you are!

Jenny Morris (The Giggling Gourmet) is the glorious lady behind Jenny Morris Cooks the Riviera while Reza Mahammad is widely acclaimed for his shows Reza, Spice Prince of India; Reza’s African Kitchen and Reza Spice Prince of Vietnam, among others.

Siba Mtongana teaches us a thing or two on her shows: Siba’s Table and Siba’s Table: Fast Feasts (airing on Food Network channel 175 on Saturdays at 17:30).

The DStv Delicious fest will kick off at 10:00 this Saturday, 6 June at Huddle Recreation Park in Linksfield.

Here’s what the chefs have had to say:

What are you most looking forward to at the 2015 DStv Delicious festival? 
Jenny: Good food and music of course. 
Reza: It is going to be an extravaganza by all accounts. I am sure we will have a lot of fun - both cooking and bopping to the sounds of Chaka Khan. 
Siba: I'm looking forward to meeting my Jozi fan base and interacting with them as well as showcasing some of the new recipes from the second season of my show that is coming up later this year. 


With all the food options any one could ever hope for at the Delicious festival, how do you personally decide what you are going to eat? 
Jenny: Haaaaa! As a greedy girl, I want to taste it ALL, so I find an eating partner that's greedy too and share the dishes with them. 
Siba: Decisions, decisions. I always go for quirky new food options that I may not have tried before for a bit of adventure. 

What kind of music do you like to listen to? 
Jenny: I have a very versatile taste in music from Mafiki Zola to Bach. But the blues steal my heart away. 
Reza: I love a very eclectic mix of music - all things, from Bach to blues. I have always had music and musicians in my life. It is my number one passion - aside from food of course!
Siba: I like old soulful, old-school music and I also listen to a lot of local and international Christian music. 

When you are in the kitchen, do you prefer a nice quite kitchen or is there always music on in the background? 
Jenny: What a question! Always have music in the background, it feeds my soul. How else can you create "Mood Food"?
Reza: There is always music on in the background. I love to sing and, er, dance along!
Siba: Bit of both. When I'm testing recipes, I want dead silence as I have to focus and concentrate. When cooking socially for family and friends then I like having a bit of music to create ambiance. 

If you could invite any four people to your table, who would they be and why? 
Jenny: Rick Stein, for his passion for good food and ingredients; Hugh Laurie, because I love his music and I do think he is rather sexy...; and my husband to keep me in check around Hugh Laurie. I would love Helen Zille there as well. We need a strong woman to keep us all in check. Besides that, she loves good food.
Reza: Let's indulge here and assume they can be departed from the planet - in which case, conversation is key. I have no doubt that the following dinner guests would be sublimely entertaining: Shakespeare, Beethoven, Noel Coward and Leonardo da Vinci. 
Siba: It would be Oprah Winfrey, as I have loved her for many years and followed her show religiously. Then, Barack Obama as we share the same hero, our late former president Nelson Mandela. Also, Obama's story to presidency inspires me. Then Jamie Oliver as he is the ultimate food rock-star. Then pastor TD Jakes as I live his sermons. I would insist that Brian be present to help with hosting!

With shows that have heightened viewers’ love for these kitchen genies as well as shows on the rise, nothing can stop these chefs. Reza and Jenny will be collaborating their skills and personalities to keep viewers hooked on Jenny & Reza’s Fabulous Food Academy.

Here’s what the duo had to say about it:

Could you tell us a little about your new series that’s coming to Food Network? 
Jenny: Reza and myself will be teaching six would-be chefs to create delicious meals. Along the way we will be passing on inspiring hints, tips and techniques on how to cook like a professional. Our aim is to demonstrate that with a little know-how, all of us can produce delicious food. 
Reza: It is a food academy with Jenny Morris and myself. Jenny and I both have cookery schools - Jenny’s in Cape Town and mine near Bordeaux, France. It has been wonderful to take our love of teaching to the screen. 

What’s been your favourite part of the series to film? 
Jenny: Cooking with my great friend, Reza Mahammad. He is my soulmate in food.
Reza: The interactive quality with participants and having a fabulous co-presenter to bounce ideas with. 


Siba’s Table andSiba Mtongana of Siba’s Table: Fast Feasts that airs on Food Network, DStv channel 175.

Siba has also gone from strength to strength with her shows gaining support and a warm following. Siba’s Table has inspired people to hop up and cook up because cooking can be fast as well as glorious. 

Could you tell us a little about your new series that’s coming to Food Network? 
Siba: It is the long-awaited second season of Siba's Table where my whole family is featured, including my last born son who will be seen by many for the first time. I'm back in the kitchen once more whipping up gorgeous food for my family and friends. I also have a lot of adventures outside the kitchen showcasing what is trending and buzzing in the Cape Town restaurant and food scene. 

What’s been your favourite part of the series to film? 
Siba: Everything. I like filming when we are in the kitchen and when we have guests over too. I also enjoy filming out and about. 

What was the inspiration behind the creation of these super speedy and delicious meals? 
Siba: Our lives are so busy that, for most people, having to cook for the family often becomes a chore. I wanted make things a little easier for home cooks by bringing out wonderful dishes that are easy and quick to make. 

Come check out Jenny, Reza and Siba at The Food Network Pavillion at DStv Delicious!


General admission for the DStv Delicious Festival is R450, kids under 12 can enter at R200 and that includes access to general access areas and the DStv Kids Zone, which hosts a whole lot of entertainment. Kids under 3 will enter for free.

Tickets are now on sale from