Jack Parow with arms crossed and strange hat

Watch online: Die Kliek, and read what Jack Parow has to say about online dating and his role as presenter.

The popular rapper Jack Parow takes the reigns as presenter of the much-loved dating show Die Kliek, on VIA (DStv channel 147) starting Thursday 15 February at 20:30, and with repeats on Saturdays at 21:00, and streaming live on DStv Now.

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In every episode a panel of eight single women dig deep into one guy’s social media and later pepper him with questions and challenges in the studio. In the end we see if this social experiment ends in a date or not.

We spoke to Jack Parow about his new role as presenter of the show.

Which aspect of presenting do you most enjoy?

I love pursuing new things. It’s quite daunting to do something that is removed from your comfort zone. The show is light hearted and gives me the freedom I need to be myself and to talk ample amounts of nonsense. The structure of the show is right up my alley

Did the program teach you anything about today’s youth?

Oh yes, for sure! It’s difficult for me to admit that I’m not a youngster anymore… I’ve definitely learnt that the dating scene has changed quite a bit. It has become so very complex. First of all, the dating pool is stretched when you chuck social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder and Whatsapp into the mix. These platforms have started to play a massive roll in attracting or intriguing that special someone.

Youngsters these days are always connected. You are kind of able to meet someone before actually meeting him or her. Suddenly a virtual profile becomes your social license. This places a lot of pressure on each and every individual. I was spared having to deal with drunken, post party Facebook photos.

How have youngsters evolved when it comes to their dating habits?

Like I said, everything has become dependent on social media. It’s all about how you promote yourself. In relation to this, your social media approval becomes a vital part of your public palatability. Your virtual footprint follows you wherever you go. The pressure is absolutely mental. It is so difficult to grow and develop when your past is virtually displayed for anyone to see. We all make mistakes and I think that cyber space has made it easy for people to see pieces of you that you would rather be rid of. This can often bring discomfort or distrust to any new relationship.

What aspects regarding the participants surprised you?

I think the one thing that stood out the most was to see how nervous people got when confronted with dating scenarios. Some of the participants were sweating bullets. This definitely made me understand the pressure that modern day dating places on youngsters.

Were the females more daring than the males?

For sure! I expected the males to be more overpowering and confident. The women definitely took the cake!

Would you mind sharing one or two funny moments from behind the scenes? 

There is most certainly a lot of editing to be done. Mostly because of me. It’s obviously my first season. I'm not used to this kind of thing and it took me a while to master my presence in relation to the camera. I was performing between shows so my focus and stage presence was often scattered. I'm hopeful that some bloopers will be included! There were some hilarious moments. I had a show in Hermanus the evening before we starting filming the first episode. My strategy was to do the show, greet the fans and to drive home to Cape Town. That very morning I slept for about 45 minutes before going straight to set. It was so intense! Just know that I was suffering from a severe babalas during the filming of the first couple of episodes.

What were the most daunting aspects of presenting?

I think the aspect of having control and staying in control was very challenging. As presenter you kind of direct the flow and pace of each episode. I am terrible at remembering lines. I pride myself in being impulsive when it comes to my reactions. It is a relief that most of the show relies on impulsive humour. The 10% of each episode that needed preparation did however slightly throw me off. I was often falling over my words. I got better with each take!

Do you have any dating advice to share?

Let's say that you want to ask someone out on a date. How would you advise someone to go about it?

I think it best for you to be you. Please, just be yourself. In a world where everything is so very fake one often treasures people that are true to their own nature. This production has taught me that the most authentic contestants are often the ones that do much better.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Do you have any love advice to share with us? What can one do to keep that desired flame alive?

Braai Sandwiches. These little crispy, cheesy toasties solve anything! Love comes naturally when the stomach is full and satisfied.

Would you mind sharing one of your most dreaded dating experiences?

I can't recall one right now to be honest. Perhaps it is better that way. I'm pretty sure my brain rid itself of that memory. I would rather not scratch where it doesn’t itch.

How do you feel about online dating?

I missed the online dating gap completely. I do think that it has its upsides. Many people are too busy to really get out there. Some people are socially awkward and could find that initial face-to-face confrontation quite frightening. Some people also hate rowdy, social environments. There are obviously negative aspects too. People can warp their true personalities thanks to online platforms. I would hate to meet someone and have my expectations shattered.

Besides for Die Kliek, what are your plans for 2018?

I have a new album, Afrika 4 Beginners, which just dropped. I will be on tour pumping out some of my new work. I also have a documentary being launched called ParowFest. It tracks my tour that I recently completed in Holland. International shows are also on the front. My Parow Brandy and body board called ParowTrooper, are examples of some products that I have introduced to my followers. I have many bibs and bobs that are being set into motion. So be on the lookout! I'm obviously an avid braaier, so I will be doing that in between all of the above mentioned. 


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