Iyanla with Chamique Holdsclaw.

New episodes of Iyanla: Fix My Life, Oprah’s Lifeclass and Where Are They Now? will air in March only on TLC Entertainment (172).

In March, TLC Entertainment (172) continues to bring inspiring Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) programming. Catch new heart-warming episodes of Iyanla: Fix My Life, where spiritual life coach Iyanla helps families and individuals mend their broken relationships. Also, don’t miss your favourite episodes of Oprah’s Lifeclass and Where Are They Now?

In the episode Iyanla Fix My Life: Fix My Full House, Iyanla travels to Maryland to help Alexis with her mother, Carrie, who has been lashing out with angry words and violent actions. After spending some time with the family, Iyanla realises that below the surface, the bad situation is far more complex than it seems. For the first time, an emotional Iyanla is not sure if she can help this family. Will this family come together in the end? Be sure not to miss this emotional episode airing on Sunday 6 March at 20:00.

The series continues with Iyanla Fix My Life: Fix My R&B Family. In this episode Iyanla travels to Alpharetta, Georgia, to help GRAMMY-nominated R'n'B recording artist and reality TV star Syleena Johnson heal the strained relationship with both of her parents, particularly her mother, Brenda. Through an emotional heart-to-heart, Iyanla works to get to the root of each woman's pain to diffuse a situation that threatens to tear mother and daughter apart.

Tune in to this episode on Sunday 13 March at 20:00 as Iyanla takes a journey to repair their broken relationship.

Then, Iyanla travels to Atlanta to help Chamique Holdsclaw, an Olympic gold medallist and one of the biggest superstars in WNBA history. Now retired, Chamique is struggling with her inner demons, which have been at the source of some troubling behaviour. In an emotional episode, Iyanla works with Chamique to confront her past, her anger issues and her fear of abandonment.

Don’t miss Iyanla Fix My Life: Fix My Hoop Star Life on Sunday 20 March at 20:00.

Finally, on Sunday 27 March at 20:00 we are introduced to parents Traci and Andre who need help “fixing” their two adult children, who they feel are making horrible life choices in Iyanla Fix My Life: Fix My Suburban Lie. Both parents feel that the overwhelming stress and disappointment caused by their children's decisions are causing serious health issues. Iyanla works with both the parents and the children, to heal the growing rift between them.