Bliss from The Powerpuff Girls.

Meet the fourth Powerpuff Girl Bliss! Find out a bit about her before her big arrival on Cartoon Network.

Remember when we told you about the fourth Powerpuff Girl Bliss? Well, get ready because it’s time to officially meet her in the five-part special of The Powerpuff Girls on Saturday 21 October from 08:00 on Cartoon Network (301).

In honour of her arrival, we’re going to share some fun facts about the fourth PPG who had us all giddy with excitement.

The story of Bliss

Bliss is the long-lost teenage sister to Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, who has returned to Townsville to learn the true strength of her incredible powers.

Long before he created Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, Professor Utonium created a little girl named Bliss who embodied all of the same traits: she was smart, sweet and incredibly powerful. After a mysterious disappearance, she hasn't been seen by anyone for years. Now, as a teenager, Bliss has returned and discovers her long-lost sisters.

Various voices

Bliss is truly a unique character, so much so that depending on where in the world you watch PPG, her voice will sound a little different. It’s been confirmed that 15 different voice actresses lend their voices to the character. In Africa we have South African singer Toya Delazy provide her voice.

Toya Delazy is our Person of the Week - watch the video below: 

Her full name

Sure, we call her Bliss but did you know her full name is actually Blisstina Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia Utonium. Her personality matches her name: larger than life and quite unique! For short she goes just by Bliss.

Chemical X

The introduction of Bliss sees the first ever mention of the infamous Chemical X since the reboot of the series. The key ingredient that gave the girls their powers.

Purple power

Anyone over the age of 20 will remember the original Powerpuff Girls from 1998 that the 2016 reboot originated from. Those with a good memory will note that Bliss shares the same colours as Bunny, the fourth sister Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup created to help them fight crime in the episode Twisted Sister – they both wear purple.

Ready to meet Bliss? Catch the five-part special episodes of The Powerpuff Girls on Saturday 21 October from 08:00 on Cartoon Network (301).