Adventure Time Ooo exploration.

Finn and Jake from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time set off on an exciting journey.

Cartoon Network, DStv channel 301, will be sending best bros Finn and Jake from Adventure Time to your living room to take you on a whole new adventure this July.
All their adventurous fans are urged to tune in as they will take them on an exciting journey into the Land of Ooo to meet some of their endlessly surprising inhabitants and revisit locations of their most righteous adventures!

But that is not where the adventure ends. Cartoon Network has gone out of its way to bring viewers more of the Adventure Time fun off-air as well. Young adventurers will now also be able to go and visit a specially created microsite, dedicated to the mystical world of Ooo, travelling through a host of kingdoms like the Candy, Lumpy Space and Breakfast Kingdom to mention a few. 

The microsite will also boast an awesome interactive game, where players will be able to hop from one place to another and explore every corner of this magical land, discovering clips and exclusive games along the way. 

Children will also be engulfed in creative activities to keep their wondering minds occupied. They have an opportunity to create their own holiday postcard from their visit to the Land of Ooo. Here they will have a variety of Kingdom themed backgrounds and images to drag-and-drop to create a personalised postcard, which they can enter into a competition to win some fantastic Cartoon Network prizes and a Wii game console!

To be a part of this amazing adventure young Adventurers are urged to tune in to Cartoon Network, DStv channel 301 daily from 10:30 to join Finn and Jake on their quest to explore the vast, varied and vibrant Land of Ooo.

For a chance to play all the fantastic online games and create a postcard, fans can visit the microsite