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Wags Miami babe Claudia Sampedro spills the beans.

It's always so fun to get into the juicy details of those rich and fabulous! WAGS Miami's Claudia Sampedro is no exception. From shopping to handsome sportsmen, beaches to cat-fights - we want it all. 

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Claudia is no newbie to the spotlight, she is a famous model with her pics landing in many glamorous mags. She's dating NFL star, Green Bay Packers Julius Peppers.

The no-hold-back-babe takes some precious time out of her day to chat to us about being on WAGS Miami (Fridays at 20:00 CAT on E! Entertainment (124)).


Read our interview with Claudia Sampedro below:

Wags Miami

What can viewers expect to see on the show?

WAGS Miami is definitely more drama filled. From the first episode, we get right into it. It’s definitely entertaining and catty sometimes.


What has it been like having your life filmed?

In the beginning it was really difficult being filmed and not to be worried about the camera and forget that everyone else is watching you, but after a while you just get used to it. I am happy to have my privacy back at this point. It was fun filming the show but also challenging. I am happy to have some alone time alright.


What has been your best experience on the show so far?

My best experience was having Astrid come with me to Green Bay. I had my first ever tailgating experience. Jules has been there for three years, and we’ve never done it before. So we went out there and tailgated, went to the game and I got to spend some time with Julius.


What has been the worst experience so far?

The worst experience, which you will see in the show, was that I had some pictures leaked a few years ago. I spent a lot of time and money fighting them to ensure they were off the internet, but you can never beat the internet and these pictures came out in an episode. They came up in a scene and it was something that I was completely blindsided by. It was something really traumatic in my life and having to deal with it on camera and then having it out for the world to see was really challenging, but at this point I am just going to own it. I have learnt my lesson.


Was it harder dealing with this on camera and would you have preferred to deal with it off camera?

I was so blindsided. We were on vacation; we were having a good time. All the girls were out and to have somebody be like, “oh well, you’re naked all over the internet”. It really caught me off guard, because these weren’t pictures I took for fame or made money from. These pictures affected my relationship, my life. I spent a lot of money battling them, so I really wanted to tell that story, but I almost felt like I wasn’t given the chance. This was something that has invaded my privacy and the lesson was that if you are a model, be sure about what you shoot and everything you shoot you have to know that there is a chance of it getting out. Even if you didn’t intend for it to get published and if you own the rights to it (which I do), it can get out and once it does it is will be very difficult for you to erase them, because you cannot delete the internet. Be mindful and smart about the pictures you take.


Do you have a motto or something to live by so that drama/ people don’t get you down?

I actually read a quote the other day and I really loved it, “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”. Things are going to happen in life and you are going to overcome them. You are going to be tried and you are going to be challenged. What sets you apart is how you come out of these challenges and how you use them as stepping stones. Your life is not going to be perfect, there are going to be things you are not proud of. Things you are going to regret, but what’s done is done and you can’t change it. All you can do is learn, grow and let it make you into a better person.


What advice would you give to a new WAG on the scene, new to Miami?

My advice to a new WAG is to be very careful and watch your company, not everyone who is out there is there to be your friend. Just be smart of who you associate yourself with, always be positive; be about yourself, your man and your family. Let the haters hate.


How important is it to keep up appearances and how do you make sure you’re always on top of events etc.?

I think it’s very important in the WAG world to keep up with trends, just because you have all eyes on you. Especially when you are dating someone who is a great player, like Jules, who is always being talked about. There will be a lot of eyes on you, and you always want to make sure that you are a good reflection and represent them in a good light.

I have a glam team; I love my glam boys. They have been great all season. I like being comfortable, I like gym clothes. If I am going out for a special occasion, I do have a stylist I call, but for my day to day I try to be stylish and also comfortable.


How do you balance family, lifestyle, work and fame?

It can be challenging sometimes, just because your schedule is hectic, but you don’t want your family to take the back seat to everything else that is going on. I think you have to have a strong solid foundation of your priorities. My number one priority is and will always be my family and everything else will be dealt with after.


What fashion item do you swear by?

Right now I love chokers and athleisure wear. I love that nowadays you can just go out and rock your gym clothes and still be fashionable and it’s very comfortable.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure are massages. I love getting massages and if I can’t convince Julius to give them to me, that’s definitely what I splurge on.   


Catch WAGS Miami on Fridays at 20:00 CAT on E! Entertainment (124).