Sian Moss.

Sian Moss reveals her expriences in the E! mansion.

We had a chat with Sian Moss, the first evictee from the E! mansion in the first episode of The Search: E! Host South Africa, which airs on Wednesdays at 20:55 CAT (124).

Here is what she had to say:

How did it feel to be the first person voted off the show?

To be honest, it was expected. I knew this competition would be tough and though I have worked in TV for a number of years, being behind the scenes can only prepare me to a certain extent. Being in front of the camera is exhilarating, but something to get used to. It was an achievement in itself to make the top eight, regardless of being the first contestant eliminated.

What for you was the best part of this experience?

The best part was gaining such experience, networking with the talented hosts and guest judges and learning from their experiences, expanding my talents and exploring my potential.

The judges gave you their feedback, but how did you feel your interview with Bonang went?
I was nervous to interview Bonang, not because of who she is, but more because I wasn’t sure what questions to ask. My nerves got the better of me which is why, as the judges said, I came across as too relaxed. Bonang did thank me for being calm, and collected though, so I was happy about that.

Did you form any unlikely friendships during your time on the show?
Friendships were bound to form during this experience so I don’t think any of them were unlikely. I expected to walk out of there with new friends and great memories, and that’s exactly what I did. When you put a group of creative personalities under one roof, there’s bound to be a positive bond.

If you could relive the experience what would you do differently?
I wish that this experience had come at a different time in my life. My boyfriend’s mother was not well at the time, which also meant that I was not entirely myself. She was admitted to hospital the day I was eliminated, and passed away a few days later, which was heart wrenching.


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