Milo Manheim may be a new kid on the Disney block, but we can't wait to see him star in the brand new Disney Channel Original movie Zombies!

He may be a newcomer on the scene, but we have our eye on Milo Manheim who stars in the brand new Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies premiering on Saturday 12 May at 10:40 on Disney Channel and streaming online on DStv Now.

Zombies sees a human girl and a zombie boy fall in love, in the town of Seabrooke where it's always been hard for zombies and humans to co-exist after an accident fifty years ago. From the catchy songs to the beautiful aesthetic between green and pink, you can't miss out on Zombies

Milo may be the new kid on the block but he's no stranger to entertainment with his mother being Camryn Manheim (The Practice; Person of Interest; Ghost Whisperer and Extant), so it was only about time until we saw him in a leading role!

We were able to have an exclusive chat with Milo to find out about his leading role as zombie Zed who wants to play football, what the experience has been like and can we expect to see him in more acting projects.

You come from a family in the arts, was there ever any pressure to start acting or is it a true passion for the craft?

I never felt any pressure to start acting, but I feel that I found my passion a lot quicker because my mom was always shooting things and on set, so I was able to figure out very quickly that I loved it. I’ve never felt any pressure to act, it’s truly what I love to do.


Do you envision yourself an actor from here on out, or is there another career path you wish to take?

I think when I was younger I wanted to be a director because I spent so much time behind the camera. I thought that’s where I belonged. I then realised after doing musicals that my true passion was acting. At this point, I can’t see myself doing anything else.


Tell us about the audition process for Disney’s Zombies, were you excited/nervous?

The first time I went in to the audition room I was so nervous and shaking! I had to audition many times, so by the tenth audition or so I was familiar with the process and I felt pretty confident. I also had Meg (Meg Donnelly) there too, my co-star, and we would go in there together and audition. She made me feel a lot less nervous.


What does it feel like to be part of the Disney family?

It’s a great family to be part of, everyone is very supportive. Even people who I’ve never even met before have text or called me and said “Congratulations on the movie, can’t wait to see it!” Stuff like that is so good to hear from your fellow Disney friends.


What was the best part about working with the cast, especially Meg Donnelly?

Meg and I had an instant connection from the first time we met. Not just her and I, but also the entire cast. I loved spending time with them. On our days off, we’d always go out and eat together. There was never a second that we weren’t spending time together. We would always do activities together and explore, like travelling the city of Toronto together. It was awesome!


Are you going to do any more auditions or are there any upcoming shows we can expect to see you on?

Not right now, because I’m focusing on all the promotional activity for Zombies! It’s hard to commit to doing other things, so right now I’m just focusing on Zombies.


You’ve done quite a few plays since you were younger, which form of acting; theatre or TV, would you say you enjoy a little bit more and why?

I think because I haven’t had that much experience in film, I’d say I have more fun doing films because it’s all so new to me still and I think it’s really fun. I love the environment and everything about it. It might be different because I was filming a music and dance-filled movie, so that’s very familiar to me. As much as I love theatre, I find it so much fun shooting something on set and the environment there.

Watch Milo Manheim as Zed in the Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies premiering on Saturday 12 May on Disney Channel at 10:40 and streaming online on DStv Now.