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Married At First Sight SA season 2 couples are married and getting ready for the honeymoon. Find out how the big day went.

Imagine meeting your partner for the first time ever at the altar?
A bit nerve wrecking. However on Married At First Sight SA season 2, the couples are now married and they share how their big day went in an interview below:
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Clarissa who is married to Hennie 
Clarissa who is 29 years old describes herself as bubbly and believes in karma, "I believe that anything you put out there comes back to you, so I always try to have good thoughts and intentions."
She enjoys spending time with family and her animals. "I love to live outside my comfort zone, because that is where the best stories are made. I am very active, love to gym and love running and doing warrior races – or pretty much anything that gets me dirty! I am a very big Lions supporter, and enjoy any type of sport. "
She's also a helpless romantic, "I am also a softy and will cry when the guy gets the girl in the movie."
She decided to enter MAFS SA S2 because she wanted to find a "special person" to share her life with. "When I enter into a relationship, I commit fully and so it made a lot of sense to put my trust in the experts and to have them find me someone that was as ready as I was."
The Big Day 
"The Van Moerkerken wedding was amazing. Walking into the church with a full house was so amazing. To know that each and every one of our parents, family and friends were there to support our marriage, was just the biggest blessing of the day. The morning of the wedding I was very relaxed and calm, and in my heart I knew that I was where I was supposed to be."
So what is the first thing that grabbed your attention?
Walking down the aisle, the first thing I noticed was Hennie’s smile, and it was the most heart-warming, genuine smile and I knew that I would be okay. During the ceremony, we had a lot of laughs and even during the photo shoot, everything was just natural and easy – like we had known each other forever. 
The first dance
Our first dance still makes me smile, because that was the thing I was dreading the most, as my dress was a bit too long and I was tripping over it the whole day. But once the song came on, Hennie whispered, “Just don’t lift up your feet”, and it was magic and the best dance that I have ever had. So my initial thoughts about my husband, was that it felt less like I was getting to know him, but more like I was remembering who he is – maybe from another lifetime.
Hennie and Carissa
Hennie is a 30-year-old sales exec. He also loves family, "I am extremely family orientated and with my brother, who is my best friend, living quite close to where I live, we do have lots of good times together."
He entered MAFS SA because he also wanted the help of experts, "I believe the experts' support system can make any marriage work if both parties of the marriage are willing to do their part."
The Big Day
Hennie recalls having to stay busy to keep the nerves at bay. "My wedding day was nerve-racking. The night before I couldn't sleep at all and I woke up early and feeling stressed I had to find something to do... so I decided to clean my own hotel room; make my bed and just stay busy. The thought of marrying a stranger was the furthest thing from my mind, but when getting dressed it all sank in."
What was it like seeing your bride?
When I stood in front of the altar waiting to see the bride I was expecting for about two weeks, the doors opened the music started and in came Clarissa; the friendliest blond girl I have ever seen in my life. Her smile screamed friendly, her eyes could stop a train and the positive vibe she expressed was just so natural. At that moment she met every single expectation I had.
Khensani is married to Patric
Khensani is a 30-year-old from Pretoria. 
It is an unconventional way of marrying someone and I love all things unconventional. I was keen to see, if I got chosen, what partner a team of experts would match me up with. And dating is so messy, so I decided to skip the messy bit and walk straight down the aisle! 
The Big Day
My wedding day is mostly a blur because of all the emotions that you go through in a short space of time. Marrying a stranger is really indescribable but I can say that it is such a surreal manner to start off a relationship, never mind a marriage. My initial thought when I met Patric was "He is tall, I need water and where did all my saliva go?"
Khensani and Patric
A professional choreographer, dancer and actor. He describes himself as "cool and really fun, yet hardworking and ambitious guy."
Why did he enter MAFS SA?
I entered Married At First Sight SA because I was struggling to find the right lady, who was also ready for commitment and thought I’d let the experts try find me a match.
The Big Day 
I was both excited and nervous on my wedding day and anxious to meet my wife-to-be and find out more about her. My initial thoughts when I saw her walking towards me, was that she wasn’t the kind of women I normally go for, but I thought let me give this marriage a chance because the experts must have matched us for a reason and she might be a great person.
By Siphilile Shelembe