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As Irvin Irving on Bosch.

Actor Lance Reddick, who you may have seen in The Wire and Fringe, plays the role of Deputy Chief Irvin Irving on Bosch (Don't miss the finale on Sunday 23 July at 20:00 on Universal Channel - also available on DStv Catch Up).

In this interview he talks about his role and why you have to watch the show.

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Landing the role 
Lance says that he's known Eric Overmyer for a while and he's also read some of the books. 

"Eric Overmyer approached me for the role and it was at that point that I realised what a phenomenon Harry Bosch books were, after the fact. I’ve read a few books since then, including The Black Echo and The Drop, which deals with the death of Irvin’s son – which the second season is based on."

"The role was offered to me. It was originally supposed to be a recurring role for the first season, with the intention of becoming a series regular for the second season." 

Being in the role 
Lance was a bit hesitant to play a role of another police commander but Eric gave him leeway to give input to the development of the role which is based on Bernard C Parks who was the LA chief of police in the 1990's.

"I set up a meeting with Bernard for two hours to get a feel of his personality. He was very gracious and talked about his experience as police commissioner, and that really helped me be informed on how I approach the role in terms of his intelligence and power."

Similarity and differences with the character:
"As a personality, he is much more intense. I mean, I am a fairly easy going, mild-mannered person in real life and Irving – more than any character I have played –  loves power. He is a really good politician and that is very different to me. The only way I think we are similar is that, when it comes to my work, in my own way I am kind of intense. But personally, we are very different." 

Why should people watch the show:
"Ironically, The Black Echo was Michael’s first book and the first book that I read from the series, and also the book which the third season is loosely based on."

"You are going to see a lot of things. A lot more action than the first season and the storyline is going to be more complex. It also has the best ensemble of actors in this season."

Lance has been working on a number of projects like a movie The Domestics starring Tyler Hoechlin and Kate Bosworth and Corporates a new comedy series.


Watch the finale of Bosch on Sunday 23 July at 20:00 on Universal Channel or watch it here on DStv Catch Up.