Karan Brar from the Disney series Jessie.

We chat to Disney kid Karan Brar about his role in the hit Disney Channel comedy series, Jessie, on DStv.

Starring in a Disney production is any kid's dream and for 16-year-old Karan Brar it was a dream realised when he got the part of insatiably curious Ravi Ross in Disney’s comedy series Jessie.

“When I was younger I used to pretend I was on the Disney Channel doing the Wand ID in the shape of Mickey Mouse. It was a really big moment when I realised that I would be on TV doing it in real life.”

Starring in a Disney production is a glamorous feat with scene rehearsals, wardrobe changes and working with other celebrity kids, but novelties aside, Karan always tries to find a balance in life.

“I have to do some schooling on set and attend a few lessons. At the end of the day I’ll go home, do my homework, eat and catch up with my family. I don’t find it challenging to juggle all the different things because you’ll always find time for the important things in your life,” said Karan.

Striking the right balance in his life may be easy, but certain aspects of acting were no walk in the park and Brar realised that when he had to act with co-animal star Kipling.

“At first it was a little weird (working with Kipling) because I’m not a huge lizard fan, but after a while I got used to Frank, which is his real name. You get used to him lying there because he’s not wild – he’s actually very tame and affectionate!  He’s a really laid back lizard which is kind of odd to say!"
Seeing as Brar spent a lot of time with his costars, they all became a close knit ‘family’ so to speak:

“We all get along so well. Debby Ryan is like an older sister to me, I look up to her, I ask her for advice all the time and she’s always there for us. Kevin Chamberlain has always looked out for me, he helped steer me in the right direction. Cameron Boyce and I hang out all the time and he’s someone I share this crazy experience with."


"Peyton List is like an older sister to me as well. We’ve been through so much together and I think she’s amazing! Last but not least, Skai Jackson is the most phenomenal younger sister I could ask for because she’s also very mature for her age. She’s an amazing person to have by your side that will always look out for you."

Brar is a huge Spiderman fan and if given the chance to be a super villain he says he’d love to be Doctor Octopus because he’s got “crazy robotic arms”.  

Catch Karan in Jessie on Monday 30 March at 07:40 CAT on Disney Channel (303).