Chris Attoh at the cinema with fans.

Chris Attoh flew in all the way from Virginia in the USA to watch the film for the very first time.

He missed the glamorous South African premiere of Happiness is a Four Letter Word and was still in Nigeria directing a movie when the M-Net Literary Award winning film had people flocking to the cinemas where it raked in a record-breaking R13 million.

But as Happiness is a Four Letter Word made its way to BoxOffice this month, charismatic leading man, television presenter and producer Chris Attoh flew in all the way from Virginia in the USA to watch the film for the very first time – in the company of swooning female fans at MultiChoice City in Johannesburg. 

Based on Cynthia Jele’s popular novel, Happiness is a Four Letter Word tells the story of three female friends who are trying to find love while maintaining images of success and acceptability. Chris Attoh played the role of namesake Chris, the handsome former flame of perfectionist lawyer Nandi, who is adamant on winning her back before she marries another man. 

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Chris Attoh Q and A:

What did you think when you saw this movie for this first time?

I thought between the producer, the director and the cast, they nailed it. I walked out of that cinema feeling like I have been to a real film. I say this because I cried at moments, I laughed when everybody was laughing and there was nothing better than being in the middle of the audience and being part of the audience and the part of the experience and having them react around you.

The audience was so interactive while they were watching, so I knew that we nailed it. I enjoyed it and I don’t say that because I was part of it. It’s the type of film that I think you can watch anywhere and everywhere. If you picked it up in New York, or Iceland, or anywhere else in the world, you will still be able to relate to this story. The beauty of this story is that for anyone who read the book before seeing the film, I don’t think they will be disappointed at all.

What was the experience of shooting this movie alongside such a great South African cast?

My experience here shooting this film last year was one of the most memorable times in my career. I say this because most of my training was South African based and so, it was amazing!

There I was, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Hlomla Dandala and Mmabatho Montsho. These are kind of actors that you walk onto the set with and they are willing to give you something each day. I truly can’t be more specific when I say that it was a truly incredible experience.

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