Ayanda Nhlapo, E!, Search, presenter

Ayanda Nhlapo says goodbye.

After five gruelling weeks, The Search: E! Host South Africa is down to the final two contestants. Who will reign supreme and be welcomed to the E! family of presenters?

Be sure to watch the final showdown on Wednesday at 20:55 on E! (124) when the winner is announced!

The battle was tough in Wednesday night’s episode as we saw Ayanda Nhlapo handing in her mic and leaving the E! mansion.

Watch the video below to see what went down:


Ayanda tells us about her experience:

1.  What did you learn and what are you taking away from this experience?

I learnt that TV hosting is not an easy craft to execute on a professional level. I really got to know myself better and learnt about my flaws and strong points. Given the constant challenges and feedback, I learnt new ways to sharpen my presenting skills. I also learnt the importance of being able to adapt to any kind of person, because as a TV host, I’m always dealing with different people. In a nutshell, this experience has been nothing but a learning curve and a stamp of approval for me.


2.  How does it feel having made it to the Top 3?

I’m really proud of myself. It was a tough competition, so I’m content with having had made it as far as the Top 3. That’s actually a huge achievement for me.


3.  You mentioned that you enjoyed working with Abigail more than Katleho, why do you think this was?

I think I enjoyed working with Abigail more than I did with Kat because it was my first time actually working with her. I’d say it was our one opportunity to bond and make magic together. Kat and I have been friends for a long time and we literally share the same birth date, so perhaps that’s something to consider, as I think that there was a bit of a personality clash there. However, I also really enjoyed working with Kat because his energy and delivery is completely out of this world!


4.  You seemed happy with the first challenge in week five, why was this?

I was happy about this challenge because it was the first one that was solely based on delivering links, which we had the freedom to create. I enjoy creating content and I think links are fun, easy and direct.


5.  What was your experience working with Mampho like?

I like Mampho. Her aura was warm and I found that she was a good judge of character. She was honest and she had a gentle approach when giving advice. She came across as very experienced and wise beyond her years… That’s much more reason to love and respect her.


6.  How do you think the challenge went?

I didn’t do as well because I was extremely nervous and under pressure, but it didn’t get to me like I thought it would. I told myself “it’s just a fluff”.

I took the experience as an opportunity to learn to avoid making the same mistake next time around. So, it honestly didn’t feel like it was the end of the world for me, although I had to acknowledge the fact that my error had put an end to my journey in the competition.