Merge image of Downton Abbey and Great British Bake Off

How it would go down if Downton Abbey characters were in Great British Bake-off.

For the love of all things British and new this month, we’ve decided to throw our favourite characters from Downton Abbey straight into the Great British Bake-off.

Catch the premiere of Downton Abbey S4 on Sunday 12 April at 21:00 CAT on BBC Entertainment and Great British Bake Off S5, starting on Thursday 21 April at 21:00 CAT on BBC Lifestyle.

Who do you think would stress themselves to the max and who would calmly take the cake, excuse the pun.

The stressball

Violent Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham, would be appalled at the fact that people expect her to use her own hands to prepare food! The audacity! She would simply not allow such shame to overcome her and would waltz up to the judges table and tell them she is now in charge.

The competitive good-doer

Isobel Crawley would be kneading dough as fast as possible to make sure she ends up feeding the most helpless people. She wouldn’t mind too much about quality, as long as she manages to feed the hungry.

The righteous

We all know that Tom Branson would be the righteous baker, wanting to bring political follies into the limelight and the struggles of the freedom fighters therein. He would however be a hard-worker, and we commemorate him for that.

The fun and flimsy

Dear cousin Lady Rose MacClare would be out of her wits with the excitement of doing something fun and ordinary. She would of course make an absolute mess but at least she would be smiling while doing it – and maybe batting her eye-lids at the on-lookers.

The sneaky

While the other contestants are merrily baking, Thomas Barrow would be conspiring against his competition to make sure when it’s time for results, the others suddenly all can’t find their tarts.

I would back Tom Branson to win because not only is he used to hard work, he also has a calmness about him that allows for him to move forward. Although Isobel Crawley has a good chance too with her busy body skills.

Whoever you think may win, be sure to catch your favourite characters in season four of Downton Abbey on Sunday 12 April at 21:00 CAT on BBC Entertainment.

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Great British Bake Off season five, starting on Thursday 21 April at 21:00 CAT on BBC Lifestyle.