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Learn how to set a DStv PIN code, find the default PIN, change your aspect ratio and more with parental controls.

No worries, we're here to help! From DStv Parental Control PIN codes and default PIN code to setting your viewing aspect ratio and where your missing channels are, we're going to explain everything you need to know.

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Parental Controls

Does DStv offer Parental Control options?

Yes, DStv does offer the option to block channels based on their PG rating making certain the little ones don't accidently watch something they shouldn't. 

How do I set Parental Control?

- press the DStv button on your remote

- scroll left to Settings

- Scroll down to Parental Controls and choose PG Settings

- determine which option you would prefer: block by PG rating or block entire channels

- now your little one's viewing is secured and safe!

What is the Parental Control pin code?

The default pin code is 1234, or you can set your own 4-digit PIN code. 

Rememeber: PG blocking also applies to DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice rentals.


How to change the DStv aspect ratio

Can I change the DStv aspect ratio on my screen?

Yes, you can. Changing the aspect ratio allows you to fully enjoy your viewing experience and alllow for that soccer ball to look less like it belongs on a rugby field! There are five options to choose from. 


How do I change the aspect ratio with my remote?

Option 1:
- press the blue DStv button on your remote.

- Scroll to Settings.

- Select User Preferences.

- select Video & Audio.

- Change the Aspect Ratio as required.

- press BACK to exit and save your settings.

Option 2:

- press the ARC button on your remote.

- pressing the button the first time will display your current aspect ratio.

- each time your press it thereafter it will cycle through the five options.

- the option you choose will only be temporary.


Option 3:

- press the OPTIONS button on your remote.

- cycle through the options using the LEFT or RIGHT buttons.

- press BACK to save your settings.


DStv channels missing

I have a channel missing on my DStv package.

Consdiering that the channel is available on your chosen DStv package (check the full channel listings here), there could be an interferance with the weather or you can troubleshoot the error. Find out more about weather interuptions here and clear error codes on Self Service.

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