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How to connect three DStv decoders to get the most out of your DStv viewing with a second TV or third TV.

Have multiple DStv decoders? You can fully maximise your viewing experience by seeing how to connect your DStv Explora decoder to a second TV screen or connect 3 DStv decoders!

Get the experience of up to three viewing experiences with one DStv subscription thanks to XtraView!

How do you connect three three DStv decoders? 

You must use a DStv Explora decoder as your primary decoder, and then link any combination of DStv Exploras or Single View DStv HD decoders in connecting this three decoder arrangement. We recommend customers use an accredited DStv installer for their set up.

Why should you get XtraView?

XtraView allows everyone in the household to enjoy their favourite series and movies at the same time. From dad and mom watching a drama to the kids watching an animated movie, everyone can be happy at the same time. 

With so much on offer, you can't afford to miss out on the best in entertainment! XtraView allows everyone to enjoy their favourite shows, movies and sports highlights. Unfortunately you cannot connect a DStv Explora to a laptop. 

For more information view the XtraView FAQs.

Managing your XtraView services cannot be done online - for all management please contact our call centre for assitance

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