DStv Now apps

Find out everything you need to know about the DStv desktop player, how DStv Now works and how to watch DStv online or on your mobile phone.

What happened to the DStv desktop player?

The DStv desktop player was a flash-based player and was discontinued in October 2016. Customers who want to watch DStv online can visit now.dstv.com, which uses an HTML 5 video player instead of a flash player for live TV channels online and series and movies on Catch Up.

The DStv Now HTML 5 player allows for a variable bitrate when streaming live TV or watching series and movies online, allowing customers to manage their data and get the best viewing experience possible on their laptop or PC.

Customers can also download the DStv Now app for Android or iOS to watch live DStv channels on their mobile phones and watch or download DStv Catch Up content.

Is there a DStv remote app?

There is no official DStv remote app available for Android or iOS.  DStv Now works by giving DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact customers the ability to watch DStv channels online and watch or download series and movies from DStv Catch Up. Customers can also use the app to manage their DStv accounts. The DStv Now app is free to download, but customers will need a Connect ID and an active Premium, Compact Plus or Compact subscription to access DStv content.

Is there a DStv Kodi addon?

While it is not possible to watch DStv Now on Kodi, the DStv Now app for Android supports casting to Google Chromecast. Customers can use the DStv Now app to cast live DStv channels or DStv Catch Up to their TVs.

DStv Premium customers can also watch full seasons of series and full movies with Showmax at no extra cost. Sign up for Showmax and watch online or watch with the Showmax app on your smart TV, Apple TV or Android TV device.*

*Due to manufacturer differences, the application may not work on all devices. Application availability may vary from country to country.