With the news of How Do I Look? South Africa heading to E! Entertainment (DStv Channel 124) on Friday 17 November at 20:00, we’re excited to join Roxy Burger and Katleho Sinivasan on a fashion discovery for a number of style challenged participants.

Roxy and Kat take on the roles of host and style expert respectively. We’re not surprised that the two have joined the How Do I Look? South Africa production, have you seen what they look like each time they step out? It’s always a fun game of fashion spotting whenever these two are around.

From flirty fashion to stylish suits, we’re going to admire the looks these two serve on a daily basis online. We can’t help but wish we had some time to spend in their closets – even if it were just 5 minutes.

Roxy Burger

Roxy is a girl who can do both fun and fierce or glitz and glam. Whether she’s stepping out on a red carpet or attending an event, she never disappoints. We can’t wait to hear her take on the participants in this season. Can we also have her on call to give us some fashion advice, please?

Katleho Sinivasan

Excuse us as we take a moment to appreciate Kat’s serious style. Whether he’s suited up or keeping it laid back while out and about, he knows how to steal the spotlight. As E! Africa’s first host he definitely knows how to rock the red carpet – and can even outshine some A-lister’s looks if you ask us.

How Do I Look? South Africa premieres on E! Entertainment (DStv Channel 124) on Friday 17 November at 20:00, where you can see even more of Roxy Burger and Katleho Sinivasan’s sizzling style.