Danine Naidoo host for Ed Edge in studio wearing black

Channel ED has fresh programming to keep you in the know and we chat to TV hosts Danine and Ayanda.

Channel Ed has a wide range of exciting new local content designed to keep you informed and entertained.

Two ladies from Channel ED took the time to chat to us about their jobs: Danine Naidoo who presents the tech show Edge and Ayanda Nhlapho who helms Career Mapping.

Edge is a science and technology reality series set at the cutting edge of technological research and development while Career Mapping explores different careers found in a variety of industries.

Danine enjoys getting to know the latest technological developments and loves her cellphone, which is her daily tech obsession.

Ayanda's curiosity helps her to explore the various careers that are out there and is inspired by Mzansi Magic's Give Me That Bill presenter Scoop - whom she describes as "real".

Join these two young ladies as they discuss their roles and viewing habits:


Catch Edge: Science and Technology at 13:30 on Saturday 21 February and Career Mapping, starting on Tuesday 31 March at 19:00.