Honeymoon Pacific.

Honeymoon Pacific is scheduled to broadcast on the Discovery Channel in September this year.

Post-production has now been completed on the fascinating one-hour documentary Honeymoon Pacific, which is due for broadcast on the Discovery Channel (121) in September this year.

We had a chat to them about Honeymoon Pacific! Watch the video below to see what they said:

Produced by South African production company Oxyg3n Media (Married at First Sight SA, Brent Owens Extreme, Authentic, Unwrapped), Honeymoon Pacific follows the daring exploits of a South African newlywed couple, Riaan and Vasti Manser, who decided that they were going to celebrate their newly cemented love in Hawaii. The only catch… they had to row there in a 6.4m ocean rowing boat from the shores of California, to the island paradise of Honolulu.

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No stranger to endurance and adventure, pioneering explorer Riaan Manser has completed four unparalleled world firsts; circumnavigated Africa by bicycle, kayaked around Iceland and Madagascar and rowed from Morocco to New York (with then girlfriend Vasti). This time however, he heads out on a life-changing expedition with his new wife, complete with capsizing the boat, dealing with hurricanes, enduring 67 days of non-stop rowing and one or two world records inadvertently broken in the process.
As you can imagine, life aboard a small, cramped ocean rowing boat is no cocktail party - even for a newly married couple madly in love! 
Recalls Vasti: “What Riaan and I agreed from the beginning - even knowing all the dangers, trials and tribulations - is that we are making stories and memories we will be able to share with our grandchildren. Stories about a honeymoon that is unmatched."
Much of the documentary was filmed on board the rowing boat via different styles of action cameras attached to the boat in various places, with some able to capture virtual reality views of the Manser's voyage across the ocean, making for compelling viewing and giving viewers a sense of what it was like to be alone on such a vast, unpredictable expanse of water.
Says Manser: "The average person, while on honeymoon, would not necessarily want a camera in every nook and cranny. This was not your average honeymoon by any stretch of the imagination. We are privileged to bring a story to South African that so many couples can relate to."
Adds Oxyg3n Media's Rebecca Fuller Campbell: "Honeymoon Pacific is the story of a couple who are willing to push themselves, and their new marriage, to the limits of what is thought possible." 
Honeymoon Pacific is scheduled to broadcast on the Discovery Channel in September this year.