Herman se Fees crown on festive dish

VIA TV chef and SARIE’s beloved food editor, Herman Lensing shares easy and delicious recipes and decor ideas that will elevate your festive table to new heights.

Tune in to VIA (DStv channel 147), and watch online on DStv Now to join in on the festive feeling,  TV chef and SARIE’s beloved food editor, Herman Lensing, celebrates the December festive season with Herman Se Fees, an hour-long special that shares easy and delicious recipes and decor ideas that will elevate your festive table to new heights.  Starting Thursday 23 November at 18:30. 

“Christmas is an incredible opportunity,” Herman says. “It’s one of those days that brings people together. It’s that time of year when you can eat as much as you want, decorate the most beautiful table and invite over all the people you love. And, of course: presents.”

In this festive-season special, Herman Lensing invites DStv viewers into his kitchen where he shares all his secrets to having a stress-free holiday season. “There’s something about a Christmas reception that stresses people out. I reckon it’s the number of guests attending the meal.”

Luckily Herman has a few clever ideas up his sleeve that you can use during this festive time.

Herman’s first tip for a stress-free festive season? “There’s nothing worse than doing the dishes on Christmas Day so choose meals that won’t require a lot of cleaning. We all know after a big Christmas lunch the only thing you want to do is take an afternoon nap in the sun.”

That’s not all. For Herman one of the most important ingredients for a peaceful festive time is planning.

Herman recommends that you sit and think clearly about what you want on your menu. “Take your abilities into consideration as Christmas is not the day to experiment. Choose the dishes that you know everyone will enjoy and that you are comfortable cooking. Then choose wisely: Choose dishes that you can prepare a or two before in advance so that you wake up Christmas morning, open your presents and have a peaceful morning with your family. You want to make Christmas as stress-free as possible.”

But how do you do it? Herman suggests that you consider one-pot meals (this will take care of the dish washing problem) or a cold festive menu so you can prepare all the food a day before.

Do you want more of Herman’s ideas? Or do you want to get hold of his recipes? Herman Se Fees will be on VIA (DStv channel 147), and you can watch online on DStv Now on the following days and times:

Thursday, 23 November at 18:30

Monday, 27 November at 21:30

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