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Check out your favourite doctors on DStv and some new docs on the block.

A great hospital drama can make you feel squeamish, shed a tear or laugh out loud. But no matter the emotional rollercoaster you experience, you’ll always be riveted by the crazy shenanigans of the good doctors and nurses on the box.

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Doctor shares autopsy insights

Just how good is he?
TV doctors are often celebrated, welcomed and trusted in their community, almost by default. For paediatric specialist Dr Shaun Murphy, it’s the complete opposite because he has both autism and Savant syndrome.  The Good Doctor starting on M-Net this month digs deep to explore the challenges facing an autistic person who also happens to be a great surgeon. The series was created by David Shore, the man responsible for House – another brilliantly flawed TV doctor. Watch it Mondays at  20:00 on M-Net DStv Channel 101. Also available on DStv Now. 

So many shades of Grey
It’s one of the longest running medical dramas on TV for a reason. Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes has over the years created and maintained an unpredictable tone and hard-core fans will know never to expect anything other than to be left in awe.

And awe (and shock) it was when one of the show’s main characters got involved in a horrific car crash. Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy could’ve survived if only his injuries had been attended to sooner. Instead, he was pronounced brain dead after waiting a while for a surgeon. Grey’s fans prayed for a miracle and no one could’ve predicted the heart stopping moment when his wife Meredith authorised for the life machine to be switched off, essentially killing McDreamy! Weekdays at 21:00 on FOX, DStv Channel 125

A dose of the windy city 
The main appeal of Chicago Med is that it’s a continuation of an already established network. The good doctors of Chicago’s largest public hospital are linked to the firemen of the Chicago Fire Department and the police officials from Chicago PD.

This creates some level of certainty and that’s why it was agonising to witness Dr Downey’s cancer progress, clearly leading to a certain death. The season one finale ended with a topical conundrum that left viewers distressed and debating. Did Dr Rhode finally assist Dr Downey with his wish for an assisted death (euthanasia)? Is euthanasia a humane request?  Mondays at 19:00 on M-Net City, DStv Channel 115. Also available on DStv Now. 

The truth hurts
It’s one thing tuning into a medical drama knowing it’s based on fiction. When it’s based on fact, that’s an entirely different matter, and that’s how Code Black differentiates itself from the rest. The drama series is based on a documentary that followed the activities of one of the busiest emergency rooms in the world. Even though viewers have come to rely on Code Black to tackle real life issues, it was still pretty tense and shocking to witness a medical professional (Angus Leighton), grapple with a drug addiction.  Saturdays at 20:00 on M-Net City, DStv Channel 115. Also available on DStv Now. 

Doctor Feelgood
The number one prescription from the doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital is definitely laughter - loads of it.  In Scrubs, John Dorian aka JD and his absurd daydreams are unbeatable in terms of zaniness and so are the dynamics between him, his colleagues and patients. Sixteen years later, the comedy series remains in the meme royal hall of fame with its knockout one-liners like: JD:  “Laverne, what would you give me if I get this jellybean in your cleavage?” Laverne: “A concussion”. Friday 20 October at 16:40 on SONY, DStv Channel 127. Also available on DStv Now.